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Formula Drift Tech Day and Car Meet

Here's a look at the coolest cars there

Toni Avery
Apr 1, 2013

The tech day Formula Drift was held at the Irvine office of Modified's Source Interlink Media corporate overlord last weekend. The day was filled with hundreds of enthusiasts and their cars both there to display and take a look at others rides. The event was presented by Super Street, Modified, Import Tuner, European Car, and Honda Tuning, and to feed the hungry car nuts were four food trucks (Sexy Burger, DogZilla, Dos Chinos, Frozen Ice). Out of the sea of cars, I picked out a few of the best and even talked to some of the owners, to give you a flavor of the turn out the event had. Below are only a few of the awesome cars in attendance:

Nissan GTR front and owner 1 Photo 2/14   |   Formula Drift Tech Day and Car Meet

There was no shortage of Nissan GT-R's at the GSR event, and out of a full row (and maybe more) of the Nissan supercars in attendance I happened upon this beauty owned by Trinh Nguyen, with his dog in hand. Nguyen's 2009 GT-R has a carbon fiber diffuser and side skirts, a polyurethane front lip, a Top Secret carbon fiber hood (color matched for a sleeker look), and Cobb 2.75-inch intakes. Nguyen plans on adding AMS downpipes and intercoolers as part of his plan to further tune his Godzilla, which he purchased new. Not everyone gets to buy their dream car -- Nguyen is one of the lucky ones. I'm sure he'll enjoy it for years to come.

BMW M3 and owner 1 Photo 5/14   |   Formula Drift Tech Day and Car Meet

This bright red 2003 BMW M3 is owned by Rick Vejphuyarn, who has really given this car some TLC. Modifications include: suspension, 4-inch front fender flare, 5-inch fender flare, full lip kit, and a carbon fiber trunk. If those improvements don't sound like enough, Vejphuyarn is also planning on these future mods: supercharger, software upgrades, a roll cage, bucket seats, and maybe a new sound system. Only owning the car six months, Vejphuyarn says the build time took a quick 3 months and was all built from scratch. A mold was made of the kit used on the M3 and is now available to the public.

Benz sl63 AMG front 1 Photo 8/14   |   Formula Drift Tech Day and Car Meet

Rick Sethi brought his 2010 SL63 AMG that features some subtle modifications. It has a carbon fiber spoiler and 20-inch HRE rims, and in the future Sethi hopes to install a supercharger someday, but given that the SL63 already has some 518 hp on tap, we're not sure he really needs to bolt on a blower. Sethi's owned the car for two years, and he has no immediate plans of any major upgrades. Sometimes simplicity is all a car that's already amazing enough really needs.

Here are a few other cars that caught my eye while wandering around the lot that didn't have owners available to talk with:

This BMW E36 M3 looks to be slightly modified (on the exterior) with a large rear wing and what look like Rotiform rims.

The last of my ownerless finds was a VW GTI that has some interesting exterior additions such as the license plate, graphic stickers, and bright blue rims, which really pop next to the dark gray paint color.

By Toni Avery
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