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Thanks from Sport Compact Car Magazine

Joey Leh
Oct 1, 2008
Sccp_0810_01_z+thanks_from_sport_compact_car+joey_leh Photo 1/1   |   Thanks from Sport Compact Car Magazine

Twenty years of Sport Compact Car wouldn't have been possible without the help of the following people.

Jiro Adachi, Michelle M. Allen, Alan Alpanian, Ken Anderson, Mickey Andrade, Deborah Arden, Jaed Arzadon, Pauline Atwood, Frank Balogh, Dan Barnes, Jeremy Barnes, Rich Baron, Elyse Barrett, Angela Behling, Ross Berlanga, Les Bidrawn, Bruce Bogart, Aaron Bonk, Brian Booth, Katherine Border, Beverly Braga, Greg N. Brown, Reed Brown, Mads Buck, Keith Buglewicz, Jack Burns, John Cabral, Nestor Cabrera, Jong Cadelina, Carl Caiati, Thom Cannell, James Carey, Dean Case, Gary Castillo, Tom Catone, Fred Chang, Larry Charpentier, Philip Chase, Jeff Cheechov, Beverly Chell, Andy Chen, George Chen, James Chen, Jay Chen, Ming-Jou Chen, Stan Chen, Andrew Cheng, Andy Cheng, KC Chow, Erik Christensen, Mike Chung, Trey Cobb, David Cohen, Jerry Cole, Dave Coleman, Mark Colton, John Concialdi, Denise Convertito, Donald Coplin, Lisa Cowley, John Crall, Quirt Crawford, Wayne Curtis, Scott Dahlquist, Clint Davis, Dan Davis, Henry Z.DeKuyper, Jaimee Dedic, Steve Demmitt, Stephen Dietrich, Scott Dukes, Kevin Dunn, Maurice Durand, Julian Edgar, Glenda Elam, Candice Emi, Chris Escamilla, Mitchell Faigen, Kevin Feng, Jessica Fini, Ryan Flaherty, Ed Flores, Lynette Foley, Tim Foss, Nick Fousekis, Jay Friedman, Dan Frio, Robert Fuller, Karl Funke, Ric Garcia, Greg Gill, Brian Gillespie, Lynette Gonzales, Steve Gotoski, Paul Graff, Joe Greeves, Evan Griffey, Lori Griffith, Randy Grube, Michael Gural, Carol Halesworth, Dennis Holloway, Sean Holloway, Robert Hallstrom, Wesley Hamachi, Bernie Van Hammond, James Han, Mark Han, Sam Haber Hannen, Tyler Hara, Boyd Harnell, Daryll Harrison, Barry Hathaway, Elizabeth Hernandez, Scott Hill, Teddy Hiraoka, Jared Holstein, Andy Hope, Todd Horne, Kimberly Howard, Dave Hsu, Eric Hsu, John Pearley Huffman, Robert Hutchinson, Mino Imai, Dominick Infante, Tsuyoshi Inoue, Oscar Jackson, Josh Jacquot, Tanya Oxford Jacquot, Ali Jahed, Maria Jamison, Chuck Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Chris Jue, Jon Kaneda, Tod Kaneko, Scott Kanemura, Pete Kang, Rochelle Shapiro Kanoff, Jay Kavanagh, Mike Kent, Dana Kenyon, Michael Kirby, Bill Klein, Bill Knose, Jon Koehler, Mike Kojima, Taro Koki, Brian Konoske, Steve Koo, Ben Kruper, Masaharu Kuji, Doug Kulp, Bill Kwon, Henson Lacon, Garret Lai, Sam Landry, Bud Lang, Adelina Laspinas, Danica Laub, Edmun Laurea, Damon M Lavrinc, William Law, Linda Lawson, Duy Le, Eddie Lee, Mike Lee, Nancy Lee, Paulus Lee, Joey Leh, Jim Liaw, Howard Lim, Jackie Ling, Bob Liu, Jackie Liu, Dianne Lively, Elton Lo, Sora Loewen, Marie Loggia, Edward Loh, Jonathan Lopez, Quan Luong, Sandy MacIntyre, Angus MacKenzie, Charles Madrid, Sharon Malm, Joel Marasigan, Sage Marie, Chris Martin, John Matras, Matt Matthews, Ryan Matthews, Zachary Mayne, Alan Mazur, Brian McCormick, Mitch McCullough, Charles McCurdy, Dean McFadden, Tim McKinney, Tom McMullen, John McNulty, Tony Mercadefe, Bob Mignogna, Rhys Millen, Rod Millen, Steve Millen, Paul Mitchell, Moto Miwa, Brian Van Mols, Chris Moltz, Elliott Moran, Jay Morris, Sean Morris, Scott Mortara, Mike Mucklin, Jason Mulroney, James Nagadashi, John Nething, David Newhardt, Terrence Ng, Ella Ngo, Neil Nguyen, Tan Nguyen, Craig Nickerson, Alex Nishimoto, Michael Ogle, Ben Oh, Scott Oldham, Emily Orr, Glenn Oyoung, Don Palmer, Alan Paradise, Greg Parnell, Steve Parr, Dan Passe, Shiv Pathak, Tom Paule, Arian Pfohl, Markas Platt, Robert Porter, William Porter, John Prescott, Charlie Rathbun, Carolyn Ray, Michelle Reed, Craig Reiss, Pamela Reitmeier, Victor Reyes, Julie Risser, Bill Roche, Tom Rogers, Danielle Romero, Colin Ryan, Larry Saavedra, Daryl Sampson, Mario Sarmiento, Amanda Savercool, John Schilling, Kristine Serrano, Mike Shartsis, Brian Shepherd, Mike Shin, Nick Singh, Richard Sloofman, Guy Spagenberg, Mike Spencer, Marc Stengel, Clark Steppler, Kerry Stevens, John Stewart, Steve Stillwell, Jerrod Strauss, Don Strout, Michael Stute, Troy Sumitomo, Mack Sunthonlap, Eric Suter, Tony Swan, Craig Taguchi, Allison Takahashi, Daiji Takashima, Dai Takewaki, Tavis Tan, Albert Tang, James Tate, Ritchie Tay, Reggie Teneza, Tony Thacker, E. John Thawley III, Terry Thiel, Jeff Thompson, Ray Thursby, G. Wm. Tietgen, Ti Tong, Tatsu Tsuchida, Masato Tsukada, Jessica Tullman, Terry Tuttle, Scott Vazin, Alan Viado, Donn Vickrey, Melinda Villegas, Tom Vogele, George Vrabeck, Dudley P. Wakamatsu, Ian Waller, Janeen Webb, Scott Whitcher, Kim Whitworth, Kari Windes, Mike Wing, Jim Wolf, Jennifer Wong, Kenric Wong, John Wu, Greg Yamamoto, Derrick Yee, Kenneth Yee, Willie Yee, James Yim, Dana Zamalloa, all the readers of Sport Compact Car, those who have supported us over the years, and anyone else that may have been accidentally forgotten.

By Joey Leh
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