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August 2008 - Usual Suspects

Contributors And Unsavory Characters

Aug 1, 2008
130_0808_01_z+usual_suspects_august_2008+scott_dukes Photo 1/7   |   August 2008 - Usual Suspects

Scott Dukes
Normally reserved for our old school spots, we enlisted the Dukester to help shoot this month's Castrol Syntec Top Shop Challenge update. Scott wants you to know that you can help drive traffic and votes to our engine build by logging onto, where you can vote for Super Street as your engine build of choice (shameless plug over).

130_0808_02_z+usual_suspects_august_2008+wes_allison Photo 2/7   |   August 2008 - Usual Suspects

Wes Allison
Somewhere in another alternate reality, there's a Wes Allison who doesn't like McDonalds, can barely use a camera and has no interest in surfing. He's wishing he could be our Wes right now, but that will never, ever happen. Our Wes is laughing inside.

130_0808_05_z+usual_suspects_august_2008+rodrez Photo 3/7   |   August 2008 - Usual Suspects

Rodrez penetrates the underground Honda movement; not with his penis, but with his huge 200mm L lens to capture the sickest H&A (kinda like T&A) for our virgin eyes. While many Civics and Integras have been devirginized by most magazines, he always treats us to the freshest meat.

130_0808_06_z+usual_suspects_august_2008+alastair_richie Photo 4/7   |   August 2008 - Usual Suspects

Alastair Richie
Our mate from down unda' drops in every now and again to show us what people from the southern hemisphere are doing with their imports. We've never actually met the guy in person; rather, he phones us unexpectedly (usually while we're dropping the deuce or getting hyphy on the weekends) to say that our FTP has material for use. Bloody wicked.

130_0808_07_z+usual_suspects_august_2008+fielding_melish Photo 5/7   |   August 2008 - Usual Suspects

Fielding Melish
Oh, what a very special and rare treat for us to receive an appearance by one of our favorite all-time contributors, Fielding Melish. A man who has never shied from delivering porn on VHS to our desks or dropping trou at the most inappropriate moments, he kept his junk under control to push out a story on the first Evo X MR modified by a U.S. tuner that makes real power.

130_0808_08_z+usual_suspects_august_2008+tetsuya_ogushi Photo 6/7   |   August 2008 - Usual Suspects

Tetsuya Ogushi
Tetsu recently took some time off to party in Los Angeles in hopes of finding a nice Korean-American girl because, he says, "it turned me on." Right, because Tetsu's learned from firsthand experience in Japan that Korean-American girls are perfect wife material.

130_0808_09_z+usual_suspects_august_2008+scott_kanemura Photo 7/7   |   August 2008 - Usual Suspects

Scott Kanemura
Old school head SK is back from a two-year hiatus, during which he retreated to the Japanese countryside to write his memoirs and spearhead a co-ed onsen resort. The locals didn't take very kindly to his promotion of "self exploration" to the teens, so he found a way out by hopping a flight back to the U.S. Now he's out covering national drag races and other off-the-wall stories. We say, bring the onsen to LA, buddy. Oh wait, they're called "acupressure" houses.



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