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Honda CRZ - Intel January 2010

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Jan 11, 2010

Free Mugen Calendar
For a free Mugen calendar simply log onto King Motorsport's site and buy a set of JDM window visors. In stock are visors for the Fit, Insight, CRV, TSX, Civic, Accord and RL. These calendars are 2009 edition but the Mugen images will last forever. Simply use the coupon code 'CAL2009' at checkout.

Sstp_1001_05_o+honda_crz_intel_january_2010_news+mugen_logo Photo 2/7   |   Honda CRZ - Intel January 2010

Bringing In The Klaus!
KW Test Day
Recently, KW Suspension rented out Irwindale Speedway for the many drift teams utilizing KW suspension. KW brought in their head engineer Klaus Frank, to privately sit down with each team and help calibrate a precision setup for the Formula D Finals. Some of the big names that trust in KW are Falken Tire's Daijiro Yoshihara, Hankook Tire's Robbie Nishida and Eric O'Sullivan, Bergenholtz Racing's Justin Pawlak and RMR Racing's Rhys Millen.

Sstp_1001_01_o+honda_crz_intel_january_2010_news+kw_testing Photo 3/7   |   Honda CRZ - Intel January 2010

New Moves
Attention vendors, recently both Ksport and Maxzone have moved locations. Ksport is now in Gilbert, Arizona and Maxzone has a new headquarters and distribution center in Southern California. The left coast is the best coast.

Sstp_1001_02_o+honda_crz_intel_january_2010_news+new_ksport_building Photo 4/7   |   Honda CRZ - Intel January 2010

Not A CR-X
Although the new Honda Insight is only available as a four-door sedan and no longer a two-door coupe, Honda hasn't completely changed its ways. Honda was the first company to release a hybrid to US public and is still the only one to have ever released a two-door hybrid here. Soon the CR-Z will be out and you'll be able to buy a two-door hybrid again, making you look hip and saving your manhood from having two rear doors. The original Insight looked more like the old CR-X, but this one has a name more like the CR-X. Why do they tease us like this? Just release a new CR-X already! The upcoming Honda CR-Z is scheduled for release late 2010, so you'll have to hold your horsepower. If you can't wait until then to see one, Honda will have one on display at the 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit January.

Sstp_1001_03_o+honda_crz_intel_january_2010_news+honda_cr z Photo 5/7   |   Honda CRZ - Intel January 2010

SP GT-R Meet (Baller's Ball)
SoCal's infamous tuning shop, SP Engineering hosted a special meet for R35 GT-R owners. Although we were there, we decided to leave our GT-R at home. We didn't want anyone jealous of our 1/24 scale GT-R. It's sick! SP's allowed facility tours as well usage of their four-wheel dyno for guests. From Hondas to Lamborghinis, SP has parts and support for all imports.

Sstp_1001_04_o+honda_crz_intel_january_2010_news+nissan_gt r Photo 6/7   |   Honda CRZ - Intel January 2010

All Dai Long
Sukebe drifter Daijiro 'Drift or Dai' Yoshihara launches his new site. This ground up site is not just a re-skin of his earlier site. Here drift fans, motorsport fans and sponsors can follow his career, drift schedule and progression. Everything from a blog, photos to videos can be accessed by everyone here. This is one of the cleaner and functional personal sites in the industry.

Sstp_1001_06_o+honda_crz_intel_january_2010_news+daijiro_yoshihara Photo 7/7   |   Honda CRZ - Intel January 2010



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