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Mugen Fit, Tommy Kaira GTR, and Tokyo Auto Salon - Intel News March 2010

News, Rumors Stuff We Made Up

Evan Griffey
Mar 3, 2010

Log on and check us out! We know that you come to Super Street for your monthly dose of hot imports, pure performance and the hottest girls that turn our heads, but we also have some exclusive content online, including outtakes from most of our photoshoots and stories/videos you won't see anywhere else except on We also have a re-vamped forum for you to stay in touch with like-minded enthusiasts and of course, check out our staff blogs for the weird and random things only the Internet can provide.

Sstp_1003_12_o+news_march_2010+suzusho Photo 2/12   |   Mugen Fit, Tommy Kaira GTR, and Tokyo Auto Salon - Intel News March 2010

Word On The Street
Tetsu's Tales
Straight outta J-pan. Engrish from our man in Japan. Read if you dare. Tokyo Motor Show in 2009 is smaller than last time because bad world economic makes many foreign countries car companies cancel the booth at Tokyo Motor Show. All of Japanese car companies notice environment that's why they are display the electric cars or hybrid cars at the show. I am thinking about future style of Super Street magazine and tuning scene.

Sstp_1003_06_o+news_march_2010+tetsu Photo 3/12   |   Mugen Fit, Tommy Kaira GTR, and Tokyo Auto Salon - Intel News March 2010

HKS Hyper Motor System? RAYS super lightweight wheel for EV? Mitsubishi i-MiEV evolution? Hahaha. Honda display Honda CR-Z hybrid sport car. That looks like next generation of CR-X. Honda will start to sell CR-Z in January or February 2010. CR-Z have 1.5 liter motor (I think same engine as Fit) with 6-speed stick shift and CVT. We are not sure how we can enjoy to drive/tune hybrid sport car. Honda built Civic hybrid racecars and Insight racecar and took part in the endurance races. I think Honda Access and Mugen will sell some tuning parts for CR-Z ASAP and they will tell us how to enjoy to do something with CR-Z.

Also I think you can work for tuning companies or start own business if you have skill of computer programming because hybrid cars or electric cars have many computer systems and the tuning companies need to analyze the computer system of hybrid cars or EV for developing tuning parts for future. Toyota display FT-86 (Hachi-roku) concept. Toyota is thinking new AE86 Corolla. FT-86 have FR layout system and Subaru's 2000cc boxer motor with 6-speed stick shift. Toyota develop FT-86 in collaboration with Subaru. Subaru will sell FT-86 version Subaru. Rumor says Subaru's FT-86 will have turbo engine and AWD system. I think Toyota and Subaru are developing compact FR sport car is very good thing but FT-86 is not same as AE86. I mean AE86 is very simple car that's why we can study how to fix the cars when we fix AE86 at the garage. FT-86 is not simple. Some car magazines say the price of FT-86 will be around 2,500,000yen (about $28,000 USD). FT-86 is not for young people? I would like to say please make simple for FT-86 and price is under $23,000 USD is best. Please Toyota.

Sstp_1003_09_o+news_march_2010+crz Photo 4/12   |   Mugen Fit, Tommy Kaira GTR, and Tokyo Auto Salon - Intel News March 2010

Another rumor say Toyota will display Prius coupe at Tokyo Auto Salon 2010. Toyota don't like Honda? One used car shop "Suzusho" display nice sport car at the booth. Suzusho develop sport car and will start to sell the car in next fall. Many people surprise one used car shop develop sport car and will sell it. Suzusho Spasse-V have Midship rear wheel layout, Mazdaspeed 3 turbo motor with 6-speed stick shift. Suzusho sold three vintage cars and was making money for developing Suzusho Spasse-V.

Sstp_1003_11_o+news_march_2010+ft_86 Photo 5/12   |   Mugen Fit, Tommy Kaira GTR, and Tokyo Auto Salon - Intel News March 2010

Honda CR-Z, Toyota FT86, Suzusho Spasse-V, I can't say anything before I drive them. I think we can enjoy to drive or tuning cars for the next 10 years. Tetsu

Just The Tip (Photo Tip That Is)
Sean Klingelhoefer
(Editor's note - this letter was sent to me as a WWJD letter, not a JTT letter)

Hi my name is Jarrett. I am twenty as of today, a student at East Tennessee State University. I was very merely wondering how you got into automotive photography? Do you have a degree? If so what is your degree in? Also, I was wondering what sort of SLR you would recommend? I know this has nothing to do with you column but I would enjoy knowing any info or tips you're willing to share.

Thank you, Jarrett Turnmire Via the Internet

Jarrett it must be your lucky day, because starting back with the January issue, I announced my new section "Just The Tip" where I give photo advice, so actually your letter does have something to do with my column! I originally got into automotive photography when I was in high school. It just so happened that I decided to take a photo class and at the time I read Super Street religiously and I wanted to try and imitate the photos I saw in the pages. Much to my photo teacher's dismay, I turned in assignment after assignment incorporating a car into any image I could. He would always tell me "Sean, you've got to shoot something other than cars" but I have always had a real interest in cars and photography, so shooting them never gets old. I do not have a degree of any sort, nor do many professional photographers. Long story short, I didn't have time to work a full-time job to pay my rent and feed myself and go to school at the same time so I dropped out. It's not a move I'd advise to people but I'd also like to point out that talent, passion and hard work go a long way - sometimes overshadowing traditional education. As for the SLR, I'd really need to know more about your circumstances like what you will be shooting and what your budget is as well as brand preference before making any sort of recommendations. Feel free to email me back with this info and I'll make sure to give you my suggestions!

Sstp_1003_13_o+news_march_2010+wwjd Photo 6/12   |   Mugen Fit, Tommy Kaira GTR, and Tokyo Auto Salon - Intel News March 2010

You've got questions, I've got answers! Hit me up online at w/subject "JTT" or snail mail me at Super Street, ATTN: JUST THE TIP (JTT),831 S. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245.

Ghetto Spaghetti
Charles Trieu
One of the more popular styles that has been growing over the years is low offset wheels. Whether you call it flush, poke, gangsta stance, or like Fatlace 'hellaflush', it comes down to running wheels with offsets as low as you can handle. The point is to get your rims to come right to the fenders. And if this consists of stretching tires out of the way, then even better. Negative camber and fender rolling... not a problem.

Sstp_1003_16_o+news_march_2010+flares Photo 7/12   |   Mugen Fit, Tommy Kaira GTR, and Tokyo Auto Salon - Intel News March 2010

The trend is said to have originally started Europe, where there are safety laws stating you cannot have your tires sticking out away from the fender. Not being able to run wider tires however did not mean you could not run wider rims. With the tires stretched, only the rims were coming out pass the fenders and not the tires. Those sneaky cheeky monkeys.

From then on it went to become a fashion with Japanese boso, drift and VIP cars. Some will even swear it has some performance gain to it, but having a wider track with stretched tires doesn't seem to put down any more rubber. The trend has become so popular you now even see it on Hondas, something most old school Honda lovers would have never done (or been able to do) in the past.

Think of it this way, with donks and big SUVs it's all about getting the biggest diameter wheel. With imports, it's all about getting the biggest wheels in width.

Damned Brits
The English have bragging rights over us again as Nissan in Europe will sell a limited number of the ultimate iteration of its GT-R supercar, the Spec V to overindulgent Brits. The limited run of 40 cars is in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the launch of the first Nissan to wear the GT-R badge. Also reflecting its exclusivity, and in recognition of the car's indelible link with the Nordschleife circuit in Germany, the Spec V is only being displayed in Europe at the new Nissan Sports showroom in the new Nürburgring complex. Although maximum horsepower output remains unchanged, engine performance is enhanced with a new high gear boost control device, which briefly increases boost of the twin turbochargers for greater torque in the intermediate-to-high speed ranges to provide greater in-gear acceleration. Braking and cornering performance is improved by the fitting of a carbon ceramic brake system jointly developed by Nissan and Brembo, revised springs and fixed-rate dampers. Other performance modifications include a titanium exhaust system. The Spec V also has added visual appeal with lightweight, racing-style forged aluminum wheels by Nismo as well as a grip of carbon-fiber body parts, which all totalled, shave 130 pounds off the car. The English Spec Vs will be only available through one Nissan High Performance Centre in the UK - Middlehurst Motorsport GT-R, St Helens, Merseyside.

Sstp_1003_03_o+news_march_2010+fit_front Photo 8/12   |   Mugen Fit, Tommy Kaira GTR, and Tokyo Auto Salon - Intel News March 2010

Mugen Magic For Fit
Put the stamp of legitimacy on your Honda Fit with original goods from Mugen. Add a healthy dose of retina-popping aggressiveness with a Mugen sports grille, front under spoiler, side spoilers, rear under spoiler and sports silencer. Mugen also offers 16-inch JDM-approved wheels for the Fit, and inside, more Mugen ambiance awaits. A quick shift kit, shift knob, sports pedals and trick floor mats take your Honda to new heights. SOURCE:

Sstp_1003_01_o+news_march_2010+mugen_fit Photo 9/12   |   Mugen Fit, Tommy Kaira GTR, and Tokyo Auto Salon - Intel News March 2010

Toyko Auto Salon Teaser
Japanese body tuning gurus Tommy Kaira will have this tasty GT-R at the 2010 TAS. The company's slick R35 has the prerequisite body tuning enhancements as well as suspension and interior upgrades for the awe-inspiring Nissan sports car. Tommy Kaira eye candy includes a full bumper transformation with integrated lip spoiler, side skirts, rear fender enhancements, a rear diffuser and a moderately styled rear wing. Be sure to catch our coverage of the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon in the next issue.

Sstp_1003_04_o+news_march_2010+tommy_gtr Photo 10/12   |   Mugen Fit, Tommy Kaira GTR, and Tokyo Auto Salon - Intel News March 2010

Body Tuned, Turbo'd Fiesta
Will the 2011 Ford Fiesta be a real player in the sport compact scene? The car has the right look and 3dCarbon and FSWerks teamed up to enhance the look and puts some bite behind its bark. An FSWerks Stage 2 intercooled turbo kit with free-breathing 2.25-inch exhaust provides the rush while a full-tilt 3dCarbon body kit hits the high notes visually. The kit consists of an aggressive front air dam, aerodynamic side skirts and rear lower accent trim.

Sstp_1003_14_o+news_march_2010+fiesta Photo 11/12   |   Mugen Fit, Tommy Kaira GTR, and Tokyo Auto Salon - Intel News March 2010

Can Honda's Hot Hybrid Be Built For Speed?
Honda's CR-Z, a retro CR-X with an added electric motor, dropped at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show and made quite a splash. More details are emerging about the car and we are wondering if the aftermarket will produce parts for the angular two-door coupe. The leading powerplant contender is a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine rated at 112 horsepower and 107 lb-ft of torque. With electric motor also engaged drivers can expect a 12-horse, 56-lb-ft increase in output. We hear an optional six-speed manual transmission will supplement the hybrid-preferred CVT. Prices look to be in the $20,000 range. Will tuners embrace the CR-Z as a viable platform for a build up? If so will the proceedings evolve past big wheels, and body parts and address under-hood performance?

Sstp_1003_15_o+news_march_2010+crz Photo 12/12   |   Mugen Fit, Tommy Kaira GTR, and Tokyo Auto Salon - Intel News March 2010
By Evan Griffey
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