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Honda HSV 010, Pirelli, Volk Racing, And Other News - Intel April 2010

News, Rumors and Stuff We Made Up

Mar 16, 2010

Top Story: Honda's Secret Weapon To Compete In Super GT
The New NSX?
Honda's secret weapon, code-named HSV-010, will compete in Japan's Super GT Series but many wonder if it also signals the return of the legendary NSX. The Honda Racing creation will roll against the big boys in the GT500 class of the 2010 Super GT Series. Unfortunately, NSX comparisons end abruptly there. The HSV-010 is a front-engine rear-drive proposition where the NSX was a mid-engine, rear driver. The sleek Honda lacks any visual connection to the NSX, and the racer need only be "production feasible" as per rules of the Japan Automobile Federation to take the green flag. So Honda is not obligated to produce any for public consumption. The HSV-010 flexes a 3.4-liter V8 and GT500 class combatants are limited to 500 horsepower so we estimate output to be darn near 499. A NSX replacement has risen from the grave more times than most vampires so we aren't holding our breath on this one. But the HSV-010 will be quite a site on the started grid among factory backed Nissan GT-Rs and Toyota SC 430s as well as privateer Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini racers. - Evan Griffey

Sstp_1004_02_o+intel_news+hsv_010 Photo 2/12   |   Honda HSV 010, Pirelli, Volk Racing, And Other News - Intel April 2010

'The Wheel Deal' Answers Are...
In our November '09 issue for 'Happy Ending', we put up a little wheel contest where we asked you to name all the old school kicks. We were pleasantly surprised to see that a few of you knew what most of these wheels were and we commend you for it. And while there were a couple stand-out entries that were really close, not one was 100% completely correct. We'll still send shirts to the top two who guessed almost correctly but missed the mark by an incorrect/incomplete company/wheel name. Congrats to our winners, Alex Zhao from Los Angeles, CA and Joy Laosouvanh from Sacramento, CA. Here are the correct answers:

1. Volk Racing Group AV
2. Work Equip
3. SSR EX-C Neo
4. Mugen M7
5. Mugen RNR
6. Enkei 92
7. Mugen NR10R
8. Racing Hart Type-C Tracer
9. Work RS-Beta
10. BBS RS
11. Speed Star Nore Fin
12. Racing Hart 2R-Mesh
13. Watanabe/SSR RS8
14. SSR EX-C Mesh
15. SSR/Racing Hart Super Mesh
16. Impul Hoshino Racing
17. Watanabe R-Type
18. Work Meister S1
19. SSR/Racing Hart Super Fin
20. SSR EX-C Fin

Sstp_1004_09_o+intel_news+zeix Photo 3/12   |   Honda HSV 010, Pirelli, Volk Racing, And Other News - Intel April 2010

The next Forza Motorsport 3 downloadable content (DLC) is available now from Turn 10 studios for a mere 400 Microsoft Points. Take on some of the world's greatest supercars, including our staff favorite, the Nissan GT-R. Add these to your garage today! Source:

Sstp_1004_13_o+intel_news+gtr Photo 4/12   |   Honda HSV 010, Pirelli, Volk Racing, And Other News - Intel April 2010

Ghetto Spaghetti...
Charles Trieu
The Evolution of Style At first, it was getting the most expensive parts for your car. That meant parts from Japan. Let's take wheels for example. Back in the day, Mugen wheels were a fortune and hard to get if you didn't know who to go through. So if you had Mugen wheels, the newest and most expensive thing for Hondas at the time, you were the shit. Playing that game, meant who had the deepest pockets and most money, would determine who had the goods. Mugen, ARC, Rays, HKS and whatever had the highest price tag made for the coolest parts.

Sstp_1004_08_o+intel_news+mitsubishis Photo 5/12   |   Honda HSV 010, Pirelli, Volk Racing, And Other News - Intel April 2010

When that got too popular and easy to do, the trendsetters started digging in the crates. Anything old school and discontinued became all the hype. Smaller JDM brands that only lived in Hyper Rev mooks became the parts to chase after. Even if you had the money to afford it, if you couldn't find it, you couldn't have it. People now started rolling wheels like BBR Competitions, Sprint Hart CP-R, Weds and older SSRs.

After a while, Japan ran out of nearly all the rare discontinued goodies. The only thing left to do to have something rare and different is custom parts. One-off parts and custom fabricated parts are now what we've come to. Custom-made wheels from companies like CCW and Jongbloed are popping up at the car shows more and more. Restoring old school wheels don't cut it anymore, now you have to restore them with a custom look. BBS RS and SSR EX-C wheels are now being redone with custom colors, finishes and new lips to get wilder widths.

What's next? How much more custom can we get now when everything seems like it's been done. What will the trendsetters think of next? Maybe we're all tired of it all and clean simple bolt-on parts will come back.

Word On The Street
Tetsu's Tales
Straight outta J-pan. Engrish from our man in Japan. Read if you dare.

Sstp_1004_15_o+intel_news+tetsu Photo 6/12   |   Honda HSV 010, Pirelli, Volk Racing, And Other News - Intel April 2010

Every year, many Japanese car magazines staff go to SEMA show. Last year Japanese car magazines staff did not stop by Hyundai booth because Hyundai cars were not popular in Japan. But this year, many Japanese car magazines staff stop by Hyundai booth and check Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

One of Hyundai Genesis coupe is Rhys Millen's midship V8 motor Genesis. Many Japanese car magazine says like Hyundai Genesis Coupe. HKS and Greddy will sell tuning parts for Genesis coupe in USA. Genesis coupe have front engine and rear wheel drive and starting price is $22,000 USD. I don't drive new Genesis Coupe yet that's why I don't know Genesis is good or bad. I think FR layout coupe is $22,000 USD is good price for tuning and drifting exercises. In Japan, it is hard to find good price or A1 condition FR sport cars now. That's why many Japanese car magazines are interested in Hyundai Genesis coupe and Option magazine bought New Hyundai Genesis coupe from Korea.

Hyundai Japan withdraw Japanese car market in end of 2009. Hyundai cars are not popular in Japan but Korean culture is very popular. Korean foods, Korean entertainment are very popular and many Japanese tourist visit to Korea. I know Japan and Korea have bad history in the past but I don't say about that because this is Super Street magazine, not History Channel.

It is about two hours from Japan (Tokyo) to Korea (Incheon). It is about ten hours from Japan (Osaka) to Korea (Pusan) by ferryboat. In fact, we can drive Japanese spec car in Korea if we would take ferryboat (need to do some paper work and insurance). I mean I can drive my car from my house in Tokyo to Seoul, Korea. Government of Korea tariffed 100% on new Japanese cars until 1999. Now government of Korea tariff 8% on Japanese new cars. Now Japanese car is becoming popular in Korea now. Before 1999, some Japanese car companies helped Korean car companies. Mitsubishi helped to develop Hyundai cars. Mazda helped to develop Kia cars. Honda helped to develop Daewoo.

Daewoo Arcadia (1996) was same as Acura Legend (KA7). That was not fake Acura Legend. Honda helped to Daewoo for making Korean Acura Legend in Korea. But I don't know why steering wheel of Daewoo Arcadia said Acura. I think Daewoo Arcadia is almost same as US Spec Acura Legend.

There is drifting culture in Korea. Some Korean (maybe rich people) imported Japanese S15 Silvia and enjoy drifting at the closed race track in Korea. There is Korean Option magazine in Korean. I don't know Japanese Option Magazine help Korean Option magazine or not. D1 or Formula D will go to Korea for future? Drifting is very famous in the world now. I am thinking Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda or Hyundai will sell under $20,000 USD FR sport car in the world (Japan, US, China, Korea, Euro, etc) and someone will organize drift world grand prix is very interesting. But may be difficulty because of bad world economic (sigh). I am not sure how do Japanese car companies think about new Hyundai Genesis with starting price is $22,000 USD. Toyota's new Hachiroku (FT-86) will be $22,000 USD? Can you ignore Korean low price FR car, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Suzuki?

Ford Is First To Enable Itunes Tagging
Though you're going to need a Ford (duh) that's equipped with a factory-installed HD radio (uh, duh) to do this, you can be proud to say that you'll be among the first in the world to be able to tag music that you hear on the radio through the SYNC system by pressing 'tag' (duh x 3), which then stores in your radio's memory. Sync your iPod with your SYNC playlist and you'll be given the option to purchase those songs directly from iTunes. It'll save you the trouble of being forgetful or having to find a piece of scratch paper just to write down information on those songs you've been looking for or grooving to in traffic.

Just The Tip
(Photo Tip That Is)
Sean Klingelhoefer

Sstp_1004_18_o+intel_news+photoshop Photo 7/12   |   Honda HSV 010, Pirelli, Volk Racing, And Other News - Intel April 2010

Photoshop Basics - Three adjustments that will instantly improve your images.

Curves - Curves is an adjustment in Photoshop that you can't live without. I use it at least twice on every image I shoot for this magazine. While it may seem confusing at first, you should be able to get the hang of it quickly. On RGB mode (native color mode for a computer monitor) Photoshop will present RGB all on one histogram to be adjusted. When you add an anchor point and move it down on the histogram that area will become darker and more heavily-saturated, thus moving it up will make it lighter and less saturated. When adjusting curves in RGB mode you must remember you are affecting the colors along with the brightness - practice makes perfect.

Levels - Levels is an adjustment that deals only with luminosity or the brightness of the image. There are three sliders displayed over a histogram. The slider on the left is your black clipping point and the right slider is your white clipping point. Moving these sliders adjusts what portions of the image will fade into total black or total white. The slider in the middle will likely be the one you will begin using as it adjusts central portion of the histogram. Image too dark - slide the middle slider left. Too bright - slide it right.

Shadows And Highlights - Shadows and highlights adjust exactly what they suggest they would adjust. You can quickly bring back blown-out highlights or bump up darker shadow areas - just don't over-do it or the image will quickly look fake. You'll also want to be careful not to bring the shadow areas up too much or you might be left with a lot of noise in the shadows.

So now that you have the tools, get on your computer and start adjusting!

You've got questions, I've got answers! Hit me up online at w/subject "JTT" or snail mail me at Super Street, ATTN: JUST THE TIP (JTT), 831 S. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245.

Ken Block And The Monster World Rally Team
Aside from providing his own stuntwork for such films as 'Gymkhana' and 'Gymkhana Two', Ken Block is what you might call an (extremely) accomplished rally driver, and this year he's joined forces with Ford Motor Company, the first American in fact, to compete in the World Rally Championship. Of course, he'll still be racing in the Rally America program and will most likely be preparing to shock the world again as the Summer X Games draws near.

Sstp_1004_03_o+intel_news+ken_block Photo 8/12   |   Honda HSV 010, Pirelli, Volk Racing, And Other News - Intel April 2010

RX-8 Replacement
While the NSX is admittedly a faint blip on the radar, a new RX-7 has more supporting evidence. Exhibit A is Mazda's development of the 16X Renesis rotary engine. The 1.6-liter, twin-rotor powerplant has been developed to the point where it needs a home and at 350 horsepower, the RX-7 becomes a logical landing pad. The vehicle pictured is the Karuba concept and while it has not been identified as a possible RX-7 replacement, one of the plans calls for 350-horses and a $35,000 price tag. But the economy and the joint Toyota/Subaru FT-86 may make Mazda re-calibrate and offer a $25,000, 200- to 250-horsepower version. The car will be a two-door coupe and if it comes to market, expect the RX-8 to bow out gracefully. With Subaru offering limited editions of its WRX STI on a near-weekly basis (in Japan) an up-market performance edition with the 350-horse Wankel would drop some jaws and open some wallets. The rumored timeline is a 2011 launch so start the countdown now. - EG

Sstp_1004_04_o+intel_news+mazda Photo 9/12   |   Honda HSV 010, Pirelli, Volk Racing, And Other News - Intel April 2010

Outlandish Behavior
We can only best describe the new Outlander GT from Mitsubishi as the sorta-Lancer Evo X-but-more-like-an-SUV because it uses an AWD system derived from its sportier brethren. Sadly, it does not retain the turbocharged goodness the 4B11 receives, but the MIVEC 3.0L V6 it does come with, has a surprising amount of "go" with 230hp and 215lb-ft and it also gets the best-looking instrument cluster of the family with an all-new high-contrast display we're hoping will fit into our Ralliart Sportback. We recently took the Outlander GT out for a test run and happily watched as Carter Jung from Import Tuner lodged one in the sand (along with our other Source Interlink cohort, Motor Trend's Ed Loh), then frolicked with a few tuned Evo Xs and Ralliarts when we got tired of waiting for an Outlander GT to be freed from the off-road course. Sporty and luxurious at the same time, we're glad someone at Mitsubishi finally decided to add USB to the mix so we can finally ditch the RCA cable for our iPods. Now only if someone could do the honors of approving a turbocharged 4B11 into the engine bay...

Sstp_1004_07_o+intel_news+outlander Photo 10/12   |   Honda HSV 010, Pirelli, Volk Racing, And Other News - Intel April 2010

Net news ...
How Can We Be Down?
It's no secret that Pirelli drops a collector's item calendar each year and this year is no exception with the controversial Terry Richardson behind the lens for 2010. Already selling for mega wads of cash on eBay for this extremely NSFW and rated-R spread of 12 betties, even we would pay handsomely for a hard copy of our very own. Think you can track one down? Let us know!

Sstp_1004_10_o+intel_news+pirelli Photo 11/12   |   Honda HSV 010, Pirelli, Volk Racing, And Other News - Intel April 2010

Now That's Deep
Rays Engineering is bringing back a classic in an all-new format, this time giving those of you who want a nice dish out of a small diameter wheel with the TE37V. They're perfect for those of you with the old school rides and 4x114.3 bolt patterns who are looking for a low-offset alternative that has quality and strength put into its design. You can expect to see this wheel debut at a reasonable price tag of $550 per wheel, in one size only (15") and in two colors, bronze or gunmetal.

Sstp_1004_11_o+intel_news+rays_wheels Photo 12/12   |   Honda HSV 010, Pirelli, Volk Racing, And Other News - Intel April 2010



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