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Formula D New Jersey

The ever-appreciative Dai wants to thank all for their support, and will do his very best to make everyone proud.

Jun 11, 2010

There's A Glitch In the Mainframe - Dai Is Victorious AGAIN!

Although the scent of celebration continues to linger from the previous round's significant victory, Daijiro Yoshihara and the team behind him remains committed to the endless labor necessary to ensure that the success was not merely stumbled upon by pure luck, but rather by strategic planning and execution. Such efforts dedicated to achieving championship status have paid off for the second time in a row this past weekend at Formula D New Jersey with another first place triumph. Undaunted by a spin in the first qualification run, Dai was able to come back with a strong second run, scoring 89.4, landing him in third spot and lining him up against Brian Wilkerson. Although armed with a potent 4 rotor Mazda RX8, Wilkerson spun out and allowed Dai to move onto Top 16 to face Forrest Wang in a supercharged G35 coupe. Wang fights the good fight, but was no match for Dai's intense pressure and high speed. Moving onto the Great 8 tandem battle against Michihiro Takatori, Dai was rewarded with the win after two nearly flawless runs.

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Moments after this, all in attendance suddenly felt the wave of deja vu comb over them as Dai was lined up once again to face Darren McNamara. Perhaps it was the will of the drift Gods giving DMac a chance at revenge or perhaps it was Dai's shot of solidifying his victory from last round. Regardless of the case, all were at the edge of their seats anticipating a battle of ferocity and precision. A very appropriate One-More-Time was called by the judges after the first two evenly matched runs. Unfortunately for DMac, a slight error was incurred upon initiation on the bank which sent the teal and blue Falken Tire Saturn Sky tapping the wall several times. DMac's vehicle was too damaged to continue which lead Dai into the battle for first place once again against Vaughn Gittin Jr. Again deja vu would best describe this event as Dai was given another opportunity to prove himself against fellow factory Falken driver.

With no intentions of looking back, Dai was able to create a slight gap during his lead run while JR fights furiously to keep up. The pressure applied by Dai on the second run following JR not only left the crowd cheering in excitement, but also with a decisive victory from the judges. Making it to the podium in this era of drifting sophistication is no simple task, but sending showers of champagne from the tallest of three positions in two consecutive rounds is certainly notable in Dai's career. This victory further proves that the proper race car fabrication by SPD Metalworks combined with the specially tuned KW Suspension by MotoIQ and the ultra sticky Falken Tire RT-615K's is a winning formula even in an older chassis. Despite the joyous victories felt in such a short time span, it is still full steam ahead with eyes passionately focused on the prize.

The ever-appreciative Dai wants to thank all for their support, and will do his very best to make everyone proud. With a total of 270 points, Dai currently sits second in overall championship points. Please visit Dai's blog for frequent updates and to view the video footage of Dai's winning run, please visit See you in Seattle on July 9th! For more information on Dai, please visit Also, check out Dai's other blog entries at,



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