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Honda CR-Z - Tetsu's Tales

Straight outta J-pan. Engrish from our man in Japan. Read if you dare.

Oct 20, 2010

Honda CR-Z is still popular in Japan now. The car magazines and pro race car drivers in Japan say CR-Z is sports car of the future and next generation of Honda CR-X. That's why many tuning parts companies and many tuning shops bought CR-Z and develop tuning parts for it. Mugen and Spoon build racing CR-Z for taking part in the endurance races.

Sstp_1011_01_o+honda_cr_z+tetsu Photo 2/4   |   Honda CR-Z - Tetsu's Tales

I think some people worry about CR-Z's heating battery in racing scene. Until last year Honda's Hybrid racecars, Civic and Insight had cooling battery system, which worked by dry ice. CR-Z racecars don't need dry ice cooling system. Only air duct for battery is enough.

Some car magazines tested 6-speed manual and CVT paddle-shift automatic CR-Z on the closed tracks. Test drivers of all car magazines say both transmission systems for CR-Z is sport car and lap time is almost same. You can build tuned CR-Z which is faster than Civic Si if you find good quality tuning parts and good tuning shop like Spoon. (Spoon's CR-Z is faster than Civic Type-R euro on the closed race track.)

In Japan and USA, hybrid cars are very popular. But diesel engine cars are very popular in Euro because diesel engine is saving gas and reduce carbon footprint. If you thought Diesel engine cars make noisy engine sound and black exhaust gas, you know just old diesel cars. Diesel engine is very clean. Honda and Subaru's diesel engine is very popular in Euro. It is impossible to get Honda and Subaru's diesel engine cars in Japan. Some car magazines tested Honda and Subaru's diesel engine cars and they are ranked high in esteem.

Sstp_1011_02_o+honda_cr_z+front_view Photo 3/4   |   Honda CR-Z - Tetsu's Tales

Subaru's diesel engine is boxer diesel motor. All of test drivers of car magazines praised Subaru's boxer diesel motor. Subaru Impreza diesel (Euro spec) has 2000cc, boxer four, turbo motor which can make 147hp and 258lb-ft. Impreza STI (US-spec) has 2500cc, boxer four, turbo motor which can make 305hp and 290lb-ft. Boxer diesel motor make low power but torque is high. If I would ask you which is important for sport cars horsepower or torque, discussion would be long time. But I would like to say please forget old diesel engine style. Some car magazines say diesel motor is slow starter and make not clean gas when diesel engine cars start. That is true but in these days any new diesel motor can make clean gas and some car companies develop hybrid diesel motor now.

Sstp_1011_03_o+honda_cr_z+side_view Photo 4/4   |   Honda CR-Z - Tetsu's Tales




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