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Tetsu's Tales - Word on the Street

Straight outta J-pan. Authentic Engrish that no one else's got the balls to print. Read if you dare.

Nov 12, 2010

"Limited-edition", this word makes us buy after very short time for thinking. Limited-edition of clothes, watches, shoes and cars. People buy any limited edition for collecting, boasting to friends or selling it later. It is popular to buy any limited edition from Japan and USA, maybe another countries too. Sometimes we need to pay very expensive money for buying a limited edition. There are many limited edition of cars in Japan. That is hard to buy them because they are limited numbers and it is hard to find it. If we found them it is very lucky but also expensive.

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Mugen's completed car, Mugen RR is tuned Civic Type-R sedan. Engine is Mugen engine which makes 240ps (236hp). Stock engine makes 225ps (222hp). There are many Mugen parts on Mugen RR. Mugen built only 300 Mugen RR cars. Price tag is about 4,800,000yen (about $57,000).

Toyota Sprinter Trueno (AE86 Corolla) Black Limited is limited to 400 cars. Trueno Black Limited is basically stock but body color is black and instrumental cluster is orange. Used it cost about 1,500,000yen ($17,000).

TRD2000 is TRD's completed 1994 AE101 Corolla sedan which have 3S-GE engine (like MR2). TRD built only 99 TRD2000 cars. I have never seen a TRD2000 on used car market.

Mazda Roadster (Miata) have many limited models. In 1990, Mazda opened new shop in Tokyo called "M2". M2 shop had Mazda's design studio into it. Purpose of M2 was Mazda's engineer and designer can talk to the Mazda's customers directly and build complete customized cars. But M2 closed in 1995 because of Mazda's business policy changed. M2 1001 was a limited edition Roadster (Miata) with only 300 cars made. M2 1002 (only 100 cars) and M2 1028 are customized Mazda Roadster. M2 1001 and M2 1028 are for the people who likes to drive the car on the mountain pass or closed racetrack that's why M2 1001 and 1028 has rollcages. M2 1002 has expensive interior which is white leather. It is easy to find M2's Roadsters in used car market but price tag is over $15,000.

If you like Honda or Suzuki motorcycles you know "Yoshimura" or "Pop Yoshimura" name. Yoshimura sells tuning parts for motorcycles and builds racing motorcycle and take part in famous motorcycle races. I think many people have image of Yoshimura is only motorcycles. In 1971, Yoshimura built racing Honda S600 and took part in the races in Japan. In 1992, Yoshimura built completed Mazda Roadster " Yoshimura MLC Roadser" (NA6) which was only 15 cars. I have never seen this car and I cannot find any pictures of Mazda Yoshimura MLC Roadster. Yoshimura MLC Roadster has 1.6L engine which has Yoshimura high camshaft, balanced piston and rods, polished head and valves, Yoshimura header and Solex carburetor. The car made 148ps (146hp) while stock engine made 120ps (118hp). If you like motorcycles and cars, Yoshimura Roadster makes you smile and many people surprised Yoshimura customized Mazdain Japan. That is impossible to buy any Yoshimura parts for Roadster.

I would like to say PLEASE do not buy any limited model for only selling it with expensive price on Internet auction.



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