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Plug N Play Electronics and Gear - Intel

Designed for exceptional fidelity, style, comfort and affordability.

Dec 9, 2010

HDJ-500 Headphones
From: Pioneer,
How much: $125
Pioneer's Professional Sound and Visual Division continues to lead the DJ market with the introduction of its HDJ-500 series headphones. Designed for exceptional fidelity, style, comfort and affordability. These are available in red, black and white, and the new headphones provide maximum performance and versatility for any type of use, from DJing to casual listening. The HDJ-500 DJ headphones adapt the styling and performance cues of Pioneer's top-of-the-line HDJ-2000 headphones. The HDJ-500 uses comfortable urethane pads for the ears that allow the headphones to mold around the user's head and ears for a snug and slip-resistant fit. The main structure of the headphones is crafted of magnesium alloy for lightweight and durability, making them great for travel and long periods of use.

Win your own set of HDJ-500 headphones by visiting the Pioneer website and answering this question: Up to how many degrees does the HDJ-500 earpiece rotate? Send answer to

From: Motorola,
How much: $199.99
Smartphone nirvana; adds a better physical keyboard, beefier 1Ghz processor and more internal memory (8GB + microSD expansion). The handset even supports multimedia-rich Flash websites and doubles as a mobile WiFi hotspot for five devices. - Scott Steinberg

Sstp_1101_17_o+motorola_droid+front_view Photo 4/8   |   Plug N Play Electronics and Gear - Intel

F1 2010
PS3, Xbox360, PC
From: Codemasters,
Codemasters has recently released F1 2010 and I was eager to get my hands on it. If you're used to playing arcade-style racers where you can start at the back of the grid and be leading the race after three turns this isn't the game for you. F1 2010 requires a lot of time and dedication and even experienced gamers will have a challenge ahead of them. The game physics don't allow for any point-and-squeeze driving and playing on a pad is quite difficult, wheel users will likely have an advantage. In career mode, the game simulates the life of a real Formula One race driver, from press meetings to your own agent through full race weekends F1 2010 has it all. While the graphics aren't exactly cutting edge they are still very good and the realistic game play more than makes up for it. Despite the occasional cuss-word storms the game can provoke I'm absolutely addicted to it and you will be too! - Sean Klingelhoefer

Sstp_1101_16_o+f1_2010+xbox_game Photo 5/8   |   Plug N Play Electronics and Gear - Intel

Call Of Duty: Black Ops
PC, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox360
From: Activision,
Tiptoe through Cold War-era Cuba, Laos and Vietnam, or gleefully exterminate opponents with explosive crossbow bolts and customized assault rifles. Trigger-happy multi-player options will captivate suburban commandos for weeks on end. - SS

Sstp_1101_13_o+call_of_duty_black_ops+game Photo 6/8   |   Plug N Play Electronics and Gear - Intel

Dance Central
From: MTV Games,
The most realistic dancing simulation yet: Shake your booty to hip-hop, pop and R&B hits, with Microsoft's motion-sensing Kinect camera transforming actual dance moves into on-screen equivalents. Don't just stand there - bust a move. - SS

Sstp_1101_11_o+dance_central+game Photo 7/8   |   Plug N Play Electronics and Gear - Intel

Donkey Kong Country Returns
From: Nintendo,
Plays like a side-scrolling Super Nintendo classic, only with eye-catching 3D effects. Leap chasms and bop baddies while flying solo or tag-teaming the old-school platform-hopping arcade adventure alongside a friend. - SS

Sstp_1101_14_o+donkey_kong_country_returns+game Photo 8/8   |   Plug N Play Electronics and Gear - Intel



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