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Tetsu's Tales - Intel

Straight outta J-pan. Engrish from our man in Japan. Read if you dare.

Jan 20, 2011

American Datsun 510 owners want Japanese Bluebird emblem. Japanese Bluebird 510 owner want USA's Datsun emblem. Scion xB owners want Japanese Toyota bB emblem in USA. Toyota bB owners want Scion emblem in Japan. The owners of any cars in USA try to customize JDM style and the owners of any cars in Japan try to customize USDM style. In Japan, some car shops sell Infiniti emblem, Acura emblem and much more USDM emblems in Japan. I think emblem tuning is easy and low cost in Japan and USA.

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Some Civics owners (EF and EG) want "SiR II" sticker. I think some people have question why there is SiR II and SiR (I) in Japan. SiR (I) is for motorsport or tuning. SiR II is for daily drive. SiR II have same motor as SiR and spec is same. SiR don't have power steering, power window, aluminum rim, sunroof, etc. That means SiR is lightweight model which is lighter than SiR II.

Honda Civic Type R (EK9,'97 model) had two types one is for daily drive, another is for motorsport. The Civic Type R for daily drive was 1,938,000 yen ($19,000 USD). The Civic Type R for motorsport is 1,698,000 yen ($17,000 USD). Do you choose the Civic Type R for motor-sport? Please wait! Civic Type R for motorsport don't have power steering, air conditioner, Recaro seats, titanium shift knob, aluminum rim, or SRS airbag because owner of the Type R for motorsport will put different parts for motorsport. They don't need air-conditioner or air bag. They put their favorite bucket seat and aluminum rim.

Civic Type R sedan (2009 FD2 model) for motorsport is 1,690,500 yen ($17,000 USD). That is cheap because the Civic Type R sedan for daily drive is 2,835,000 yen ($28,000 USD). But you cannot drive the Civic Type R sedan for motorsport on public streets because this car don't have airbag, seatbelt, horn or passenger seats. Japanese DMV cannot give the license plate on this car. Civic SiR and Civic Type R for motorsport have no comfortable equipment but it is easy to build or customize for motorsport.

Not only Civic have for motorsport models. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution RS is for motorsport. And it is possible for getting the license plate. Lancer Evolution RS is for rally racing and that car have 5-speed stick shift (the car for daily drive have 6-speed stick shift). Lancer Evolution RS's metal body is thinner than daily drive one.

Nissan Fairlady Z (1970 model S30, Datsun 240Z in USA) had Fairlady Z432R. Z432R has same S20 motor as Skyline GT-R (Hakosuka KPGC10), engine oil cooler and 100 liters gas tank. Hood is FPR, and front and rear window are acrylic. Nissan built only 30 Z432R in 1970. Now there are only 10 Z432R in Japan. Z432R is for motorsport. Nissan was selling Z432R for daily drive, which is Z432 (no R). Z432 has S20 GT-R motor but power is lower than GT-R's motor. Nissan sold 419 Z432 at that time and now Z432 is collector's car. It is so hard to find it in Japan.



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