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Tetsu's Tales - Intel

Tokyo talent whom only speaks Engrish. Who else but us would hire a JDM FOB to write a column?

Feb 9, 2011

Under 1500cc motor car is keyword for Japanese tuning market for 2011. Honda CR-Z, Honda Fit RS, Toyota Vitz RS (Yaris), TRD Toyota Corolla GT (turbo motor, and Mazda Demio (Mazda 2) all have 1500cc motor.

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Honda of Japan and Mugen built CR-Z racecars and took part in the endurance race in Twin Ring Motegi closed racetrack. Spoon also built CR-Z racecar for Super Taikyu endurance race in Japan. Some tuning shops and tuning parts companies built CR-Z demo car in Japan. Honda Fit RS is looks like Mugen's demo car. Toyota organize one make race in Fuji Speed way for Toyota Vitz. Mazda Demio is very popular for Japanese rally drivers and gymkhana drivers.

Toyota displayed GRMN FR Hatch concept car in Tokyo Auto Salon 2010. Toyota's master test driver, Mr.Narusawa (he died when he tested car in Germany in 2010) liked the compact FR hatchback car. Most of Japanese car magazines say Toyota will sell compact FR sport car in 2011 or 2012 because CEO Mr. Toyoda likes FR compact sport car as Tokyo Auto Salon displayed. Mr. Toyoda likes sport cars and racing. He took part in some endurance races in Japan and Germany until 2009.

In October 2010, TES (Toyota Engineering Society) and Toyota City (Aichi prefecture) organized small motor show in Toyota City. At the show, TES displayed one concept car, T Sport. T Sport's base model is Daihatsu Copen (Kei-car sport car). T-Sport looks like small Honda S2000. T Sport is just concept car for the show but TES announced the price of T Sport. Some Japanese car magazines say Toyota's market research company say under $20,000 USD FR sport car's sales will be good for the future of sport car market in Japan. I think Toyota will sell FT-86 and some magazines say FT-86's price tag will be over $25,000 USD. I am not sure young people think over $25,000 USD is expensive or cheap. I think many people think 1300cc/1500cc compact sport car is slow. This is slow but compact sport car have good things for improving driving skills.

If you could customize fast car with small compact sport car or you could make fast lap time with compact sport car on the closed race track, means your mechanic skill/driving skill is good. All of Japanese pro racecar drivers say do not spend much money for tuning. Spend much money for making your driving skill. You need to buy good brake pad, suspension, brake, engine and transmission oil. You don't need big power if you want real good driving skill.

I know there are many styles for enjoying car life. I can not say this is right or that this is wrong. I would like to say buy small car and making good driving (or mechanic) skill is one of style for enjoying car life.
Tetsuya Ogushi



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