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Tetsu's Tales - Intel

Tokyo talent whom only speaks Engrish. Who else but us would hire a JDM FOB to write a column?

Mar 14, 2011

Honda put a period (a stop) to TYPE R story. Honda built NSX-R, Integra Type R, Accord Type R (EURO model) and Civic Type R over ten years. Many people think Honda's sport model have Type R badge on body. All of car magazines and race car drivers say Honda's Type R motor is almost racing motor. But this high power motor cannot pass the exhaust emission standards everywhere in the world. That's why Honda decided to stop to make Type R models. The final Honda's Type R is Civic Type R Euro hatchback which is made in UK. I know it is hard to buy Honda's Type R cars in USA because Honda of USA was selling only Acura Integra Type R for few years. But from next year, Japanese car guys will envy American people because Honda of Japan has no plan for making Civic sport model. No Type R, no Si and no coupe. Some car magazines say next generation of Civic have only Hybrid model. Now CR-Z is only Honda's sport car. I know some people say that hybrid is not sport car but the Japanese tuning shops built CR-Z tuning car. Honda of USA displayed CR-Z race car and concept car at SEMA show. I think that is high level of tuning style because Honda of USA's CR-Z have turbocharged motor with high power motor and difference battery with stock battery for hybrid system. I think that Honda's tuning system is very difficult for the tuning shops. There are many tuned CR-Z in Japan but no one shop change or customize motor and battery. I think for few months later, someone or some tuning shop will start to sell customized motor or battery for CR-Z or another Hybrid cars but sounds like expensive. New tuning style as hybrid car tuning start from 2011.Will Toyota wait and see the CR-Z's tuning market? Last year some car magazines said Toyota would sell Prius coupe but that was just rumor. Toyota have some sport car plans now but any car magazines cannot get new information but say also Toyota have three plans for sport car market. FT-86 (new Hachi Roku), FR compact car (1500cc motor and FR layout) and MR-2 Hybrid. I notice FR compact car plan; 1500cc motor and FR layout is look like Toyota Starlet (KP61.1983 model). My guessing is Toyota will sell compact FR sport car because Toyota researched car market which said it is hard to sell over $20,000USD sports car in Japan. FT-86 and MR2 hybrid will be over $25,000USD (rumor). FR compact car will be around $15,000USD (that is rumor too). If Toyota would sell $15,000USD FR compact sport car, Toyota will get the customers from CR-Z market. 1500cc FR sport versus 1500 cc hybrid sport. Some car magazines say Honda has plan for selling CR-Z which don't have hybrid system. Is that CR-Z Type R? Mmmm. If that rumor is real, what is the CR-Z hybrid owner's reason? Discount TAX? Will Honda have CR-Z Type R plan? I think that rumor of CR-Z non hybrid car plan is negative and Honda of USA's demo CR-Z at SEMA say that is just rumor. I guess Toyota's FR compact sport car's rival will be Honda Fit RS (6 speed MT). In 2011, I notice Honda and Toyota's sport car plan. And now Honda will restart new NSX plan. Next NSX will have hybrid system.

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