When your $375,000 Nurburgring edition Lexus LFA becomes tedious and dreary Claus Ettensberger Corporation (CEC) offers this wake-up call. Los Angeles-based automotive customizer CEC has announced tuned versions of Toyota’s supercar. Production of the LFA will be limited to 500 vehicles globally, while the unique Nurburgring track-ready edition will be set at 50. The special CEC modifications will be limited to just three customers. The CEC Tuner Edition LFA will feature aesthetic enhancements that will really set the car apart. We looked at the LFA and what Lexus engineers had done, and knew it would be crazy to try and improve it from a performance or engineering standpoint, said Claus Ettensberger, founder and CEO of CEC. It is just an engineering marvel, so we decided that we would try and visually individualize the car by making additions that would compliment its stunning design features. Since carbon-fiber plays such a large role in the construction of this car, we decided that we would feature it in our modifications. The most prominent enhancement to the CEC Tuner Edition LFA is a custom set of Italian-made CEC forged 21-inch wheels that weigh in at a mere 21 pounds each. They will help keep the LFA glued to the ground by utilizing the newest and most technologically advanced tires from Michelin, the brand-new Pilot Super Sport. The exterior will receive special carbon-fiber trim pieces, which CEC will also add to the interior of the car.