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Duke Nukem Forever - Plug N Play - Intel

Electronics and Games

Jun 2, 2011

1. Duke Nukem Forever
For: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Publisher: 2K Games,

Corny one-liners and chest-thumping machismo reign supreme here as the tortured, 10 year-plus development cycle of this old-school shooter, pitting a smack-talking Schwarzenegger clone against ass-kicking extraterrestrials, comes to a final conclusion.

Sstp 1106 01 o+plug n play+duke nukem Photo 2/6   |   Duke Nukem Forever - Plug N Play - Intel

2. Fight Night Champion
For: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
From: Electronic Arts,

Think brutal boxing action, as EA Sports’ first mature-rated lets you realistically tenderize rivals with jabs, hooks and roundhouses. Guest appearances by Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali cement its championship status.

Sstp 1106 02 o+plug n play+fight night Photo 3/6   |   Duke Nukem Forever - Plug N Play - Intel

3. Crysis 2
For: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
From: Electronic Arts,

Follows its forerunner’s graphically bar-raising lead, demanding you don a suit that bestows superhuman powers, flex your trigger finger and splatter alien invaders across what remains of post-apocalyptic New York.

Sstp 1106 03 o+plug n play+crysis 2 Photo 4/6   |   Duke Nukem Forever - Plug N Play - Intel

4. Xperia Play
From: Sony Ericsson,, $TBA

This so-called PlayStation Phone offers a 4-inch multi-touch display, 5MP camera and 50 games from Dead Space to FIFA 10 at launch. Extras include slide-out and shoulder buttons, two analog touch inputs and a directional pad for traditional console-style controls.

Sstp 1106 04 o+plug n play+xperia play Photo 5/6   |   Duke Nukem Forever - Plug N Play - Intel

5. Pioneer DJM-900 DJ Mixer
From: Pioneer Electronics USA,, $2,399

Pioneer’s most technologically-advanced DJ mixer, the DJM-900, joins a family already filled with cherished models (DJM-500/600), but offers DJs new onboard effects, better sound quality and direct PC/Mac connection. Could this become the new industry standard? If history has shown anything, then - Jonathan Wong

Sstp 1106 05 o+plug n play+pioneer dj mixer Photo 6/6   |   Duke Nukem Forever - Plug N Play - Intel



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