If the masterminds behind some of the world’s best automotive designs called you up for an exclusive chance to step behind their doors to see how they put in work, you’d go, right? That’s exactly what we did this past winter when Toyota’s design firm, Calty Design Studio allowed us to run wild (within reason, and as long as we weren’t doing so with sharp objects in our hands) to see how a car comes to life from a design perspective, from concept drawings to 3D modeling, all the way to a full clay display unit and the final product parked proudly on the studio’s lot. On our visit, we saw how the 2011 Scion tC came to fruition, as the head designer, Bob Mochizuki showed us his early sketches; we also met with the clay modeling department and tried our hands at sculpting Scion’s next great concept. Thankfully, we still have our day jobs to fall back on.