From the shadows of heresy, Subaru’s Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) Sports Car, its version of the FT-86 stepped into the spotlight at the recent Geneva Auto Show. According to Subaru’s press release, The car will be the only mass-produced front-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car powered by a horizontally-opposed engine in the world, by making full use of an engineering masterpiece fusing Subaru’s sports car expertise with Boxer engine performance and Toyota’s experience with RWD sports cars. In the BOXER Sports Car Architecture, Subaru’s Boxer engine, which originally features a low centre of gravity and optimum weight balance, is even lowered and set back further towards the centre of the chassis. This feature also offers a low-profile sports car silhouette with its lowered engine hood design, resulting in a lowered driving position. All these elements deliver excellent driveability, stability as well as handling delight. Delight? Sign us up. We really like what we see so far and look forward to the real deal hitting the pavement (and the drift circuit) in the Spring of 2012.