If you’re an Evo fan there was indeed a dramatic tremor in the force around the time of the Geneva Motor Show in early March. Commenting on the future of Mitsubishi’s line-up the company’s global product director, Gayu Eusegi, suggested the current Evo would be the legendary nameplate’s last go-around. This missive sent jaws dropping and hearts stopping worldwide. Mitsubishi North America was quick to formulate a press release saying the Evo X would be sold in its current form as intended through the 2013 model year. But the writing is on the wall. The Evo XI will not be the vicarious beast we know today as Mitsubishi announced the iconic performer will be designed in a ‘different direction’; read: hybrid. Mitsubishi has been focusing on eco-conscious products as of late and the Evo nameplate may be awash in this mindset. We are un-convinced. And any car, powered by a hybrid drivetrain, Mr. Fusion drivetrain or a ‘Warp Core,’ that has the Evo moniker attached to it better be a serious performer.