Mugen’s CR-Z, which we have featured before in Intel, definitely has the ‘bark.’ Now, thanks to a supercharger and some tinkering with the hybrid side of the powertrain, it has some serious bite. The blower addition bumps horsepower from 112 to 184 ponies. The pressurized Honda’s 1.5-liter iVTEC-enhanced four banger pumps out 123 lbs-ft of torque, a 16 lb-ft jump. Mugen’s hybrid tinkering does not address output, which checks in at 13 horsepower and 58 lbs-ft of torque, but it focuses on the transition between gasoline and electric operation. Mugen has been quite hush about specifics but the goal is to alter when the Integrated Motor Assist engages to both increase torque and performance and ease the transition between systems, made a little trickier with all that added thrust from the supercharger. The Mugen CR-Z offers a window into how tuners can turn green into mean but the car itself looks to remain a prototype engineering exercise (damn).