There’s nothing like cash money to make for an exciting heads-up drag race, and at Import Face-Off’s Vegas stop, two of the bigger names in the underground racing scene went for the all-in move. Tony Palo and Chris Miller both drive super quick 8-second Hondas, but for $5K, the cash did a lot of talking for Chris even though he had mechanical problems with his Honda Civic. After blowing the welds off his intake manifold during qualifying, he drove to a local shop to weld it back up and was back in time for eliminations. His 1100whp dragster wouldn’t even have to face Tony’s car in the finals as the Integra suffered oil pressure trouble and could not make it to the race. Meanwhile, in other Face-Off news, Chan Thammavong’s 9.291-second Civic was good for the FWD victory; Dana Westover’s 8.903 Supra in Forced Induction Pro; Joel Sipes’s 10.566 Civic in All Motor Pro, and Best Club Representation for Team Hybrid’s orange G35.