SCCA approved Honda Fit engine for putting on Formula Ford (Formula F) chassis and started Formula F with Honda Fit’s motor from last year. I have never driven Formula F with Fit’s motor because Formula F is not famous in Japan. Honda Fit’s motor is very popular for two kinds of Japanese small formula car owner in Japan. They are Super FJ and Formula Enjoy. Super FJ (FJ stands for Formula Junior) is very popular for the people who want to be professional race car driver. Before 2007, Super FJ was FJ1600 which had Subaru EA71 boxer motor (Subaru Leone’s motor) but EA71 motor is old and it was hard to new parts for the engine that’s why the organizer made new category, Super FJ race in 2007. FJ1600 looks like Formula Ford. Super FJ looks like small Formula One or small Indy car. Super FJ’s motor is Honda Fit’s 1.6-liter motor but Super FJ is faster than FJ1600. If you thought Formula car with Fit’s motor sounds slow, you are wrong. Super FJ is faster than Civic Type-R race car and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution race car at Suzuka circuit closed race track. Super FJ’s Honda Fit’s motor is not stock motor. Toda Racing customize and sell it. Stock Honda Fit’s motor can make 118hp. Toda Racing’s Honda Fit’s motor for Super FJ can make about 128hp. Formula Enjoy is smaller than Super FJ and engine is Honda Fit’s 1.3liter motor (Japanese Honda Fit has 1.5 liter motor and 1.3 liter motor). Formula Enjoy is for the people who enjoy to drive formula car in their hobby. It might sound like racing with Formula Enjoy is easy but it’s not easy. Just driving it is easy but make good lap time at the race track is so difficult. The lap time say that your present driving skill. I take part in Formula Enjoy race at Suzuka. My best ranking is 7th. That’s bad. I need more practice. I think each practice and race is the time for making my driving skill better. I sometimes drive my Honda Fit at Tsukuba Circuit. I make new lap time, which is faster than last time after I raced Formula Enjoy. I recommend to you drive or race Formula car if you wanted to make good driving skill. I guess you can change your driving style after you drive Formula car just one time. I can see Honda Fit at many Japanese racing scene. Super Taikyu endurance race, rally and Gymkhana racing. There is Honda Fit (Honda Jazz) one make race in Thailand. Honda Fit’s body is not totally sports car but we can build Honda Fit sport car because we can see Honda Fit or Honda Fit’s motor at the racing scene in the world. But I think only Honda Fit is fast at any scene. Japanese can see Honda Fit versus Toyota Vitz (Yaris) at Super Taikyu endurance race and Honda Fit, Toyota Vitz and Mazda Demio (Mazda 2) at Japanese Rally racing. Honda of America and Mazda USA debut B-spec racing car, Honda Fit and Mazda 2. Toyota USA build Yaris race car and Sean drove it (And, it was fun—SK). I hope someone organizes B-spec race in USA. If so, I guess B-spec tuning can become popular in USA.