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Tetsu's Tales - Intel

I think maybe Toyota Vitz is not popular for tuning market but Vitz is very popular for racing market.

Evan Griffey
Dec 14, 2011

Toyota Yaris (Toyota Vitz in Japan) is very popular car. It is easy to find Vitz on the public streets and you can rent if you would choose 1500cc car. There are many tuning parts for Vitz in Japan, like turbo and supercharger kit (if you want power) but it’s hard to find tuned Vitz in tuning magazines. I think maybe Toyota Vitz is not popular for tuning market but Vitz is very popular for racing market. Toyota Racing Association (TRA) organize Netz Cup Vitz race at the closed racing courses in Japan. You can take part in Vitz race If you would buy “Toyota Vitz RS TRD racing” edition at the Toyota dealer and you would get racing driver’s license and racing gear (helmet, gloves, racing shoes and racing suit). Vitz RS TRD racing is street legal car which has air conditioner, power steering, power windows, rollcage, LSD, four-point racing seat belt, TRD suspension and TRD clutch system.

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Optional parts are TRD short shifter, TRD exhaust system and more. TRA says all of Vitz racing car can have TRA approved parts only. Legal car, equal condition, fair; those are the key words of Vitz racing. TRA also says bring your family or friends and enjoy your race. TRD racing Vitz is almost stock, ECU is stock and TRD seals the engine. The entrants or mechanic cannot overhaul or tune the engine. If you break the engine, you need to buy another sealed engine from TRD. That means TRA wants fair racing very much. I think Vitz race is low cost because you don’t need the truck for bringing race car because you can drive your Vitz race car from your house. You don’t need pro-racing mechanic because if you would need to change engine or brake oil, you can go to Toyota dealer shop. TRD organize “Vitz Challenge”, which is Vitz rally racing event. TRD is selling rally racing parts for Vitz. TRD’s rally racing event says “Please do not feel hesitant to take part in the motorsport event and enjoy rally racing on weekend.” Vitz race and Vitz rally event are low cost, friendly and not professional. I am not sure someone can organize the racing event by street legal cars in USA. I think the style of Japanese Vitz racing event would be good in USA.

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By Evan Griffey
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