Regular Facebook surfers will have seen Nissan’s Juke in a few fantasy concepts, but here’s one that might actually see the light of day, especially since it comes from the NISMO design team. The Nissan Juke NISMO is the complete opposite of its stock sibling: lower, wider at the edges and above all, is built to perform. Treated with the same signature colors as all in the NISMO family palette, the body comes with true aerodynamic pieces, like all new front/rear bumpers, wider fenders, side skirts, rear wing and door mirrors. Other NISMO goods come in the form of lower/stiffer springs, bigger 19” wheels and interior accents, but also with tuned power adders, still yet to be announced. If the Juke NISMO finds its way to the US, it just adds to an already exciting field coming to showrooms in 2012 and beyond. – Jonathan Wong