We’re hearing a lot about Scion reconfiguring the FR-S into numerous other body styles. The rumors seem to be based off of comments made by Scion’s VP, Jack Hollis, at the car’s debut at the LA Auto Show. “And because it’s a Scion, you know that there will be a lot of ways to personalize the FR-S. It’s amazing how all of you can take a great car and make it your own, with more creativity than anyone. And I have no doubt that I’ll see more versions of the FR-S than I can ever imagine.” While we welcome a roadster version of the FR-S, in our eyes the promise here may well refer to Release Series models, Scion’s line of factory modded/tuned limited editions. Talk about a car primed for performance mods, the FR-S is Scion’s hardest hitting vehicle to ever see the light of day and if ever there was a reason to let TRD off its leash this is it.