Social media is one thing but basing an entire build on Facebook feedback is about to take things over the top. According to Nissan, “The goal of the project is to utilize the passion and knowledge of Nissan Z® fans online to help direct the creation of a unique, one-off Nissan 370Z utilizing readily available aftermarket parts and accessories.” Fans will vote on potential modifications and follow the build’s progress through Project 370Z will be built in several phases—power, handling, brakes, interior and exterior. Fan Likes, Comments and Wall Posts will be reviewed over the course of each voting session and the part or accessory with the most fan support will be chosen for the build. For example, in the initial Power Phase, fans might vote between a turbocharger and supercharger for the factory 3.7-liter V6. Phase 2 may include suspension and braking system, since the finished vehicle is expected to see substantial track time. Fans will take part and share in every aspect right up until the final design is revealed at its planned debut set for late May at the annual “ZDayZ” event.” The finished project is slated to appear at the 2012 SEMA Show.