“The Hulk” GT-R built and maintained by Albins Gear’s UK dealer Severn Valley Motorsport, laid down a record run of 218.03 mph in wet conditions, showing potential to performing 225+ mph in dry conditions. Making power in the GT-R comes naturally but putting the power down during long full-throttle thrashings borders on abuse for the poor powertrain. The highly muscular Nissan features an entire range of the Australian gear company’s goods including Albins 1st-6th 1100-Horsepower gear set with a newly-released gear retention system, front drive gear set, main shaft and front and rear differential gears. The new Albins R35 Gear Retention System uses specially engineered nuts to retain gears, instead of traditional circlips. This offers a more rigid assembly and eliminates the need to buy upgraded circlips from various manufacturers.