A few days after ‘The Hulk’ pulled off its 218, AMS Performance hit the runway at the famed Texas Mile competition and raised the bar in dramatic fashion. After some fine-tuning in the pits, the AMS Alpha Omega GT-R and project technician and driver Ivan Phipps blasted a 221-mph pass. Things got serious when AMS bumped the boost to 29.5 psi, cranking output to around 1,250 horsepower. The AMS GT-R was clocked at 197 at the half-mile mark before taching out its VR38DETT and posting a jaw-dropping 233.1 mph at the mile marker. However, the real drama started as Ivan pulled the chute. About the time the chute deployed the Nissan encountered a slight dip in the pavement. There is no such thing as ‘slight’ at 230+ mph and the Nissan unloaded its suspension resulting in a long, heart-stopping sideways skid. Ivan skillfully saved the skid, never leaving the pavement, and the celebration was in full swing by the time he got back to the hot pits. Scary thing is the GT-R has 1,500 to 1,600 horsepower potential and AMS Performance plans to tap into all of it after having ShepTrans swap to a taller final drive gear and adding a rear wing. Look out 240 mph.