Imagine 72 hours of action-packed car crazy mayhem. We’re talking about a full-on car show, five-hour caravan with hundreds of other drivers, late-night drag racing and a full day on the road course—add in two nights of Sin City mischief including an open bar after party at one Vegas’ hottest nightclubs and a pool party to close out the weekend, you have the recipe for MFest. While it started out as BMW M owners only, the weekend extravaganza has grown to huge proportions attracting all car enthusiasts including Benz, Porsche, GT-R, Supra and Evo owners. This year’s event sold out the host hotel Palazzo as it attracted rides from all over North America including the East Coast and Canada. Super Street had the pleasure of sponsoring the Miss MFest contest, spotting our own Nathalie Castillo, Xena Kai and Sandra Wong as finalists. Special congrats goes to the winner Sandra! MFest continues to step it up every year and we plan to visit the next event later this summer. After all, we can’t turn down three days of Red Bull, alcohol, exhaust fumes and burnt rubber.—Sam Du