We have had our ears to the grindstone when it comes to the possible creation of a new Supra. From backroom buzz, to unofficial comments to more solid summations we think something has to give. The latest news flash from Motor Trend has a successor moving toward reality but it likely won’t carry the Supra flag. Hopefully it will capture the soul of the Supra. Until now the FT-HS concept has been the lightning rod for the styling direction the new Supra would take. The current rumor has the Gazoo Racing prototype MRS concept serving as the platform. The drivetrain remains an all-wheel-drive hybrid as we have reported earlier with a mid-mount V6 driving the rear wheels and in-wheel electric motors powering the front wheels. Output remains at the previously surmised 400 ponies. The cool thing is there is room for this car in Toyota’s portfolio between the $25,000 Scion FR-S and $375,000 Lexus LFA. The price we are hearing is just south of $60,000.