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Mazda Roadster - Tetsu's Tales - Intel

They’re quick, inexpensive and affordable to modify.

Tetsuya Ogushi
Sep 20, 2012
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I am not sure how Mazda Roadster (Mazda Miata) is popular for the tuning market in USA. In Japan, tuning magazines make many stories about Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ. Now that’s why I start to forget about Mazda Roadster’s tuning scene but REV Speed magazine and Drift Tengoku magazine make me start to notice Mazda Roadster tuning scene. Mazda Roadster came out in 1989. From ‘89-’98, Roadster’s body code is NA, from ‘98-‘05 is NB, ’06-present is NC. NA has 1.6L motor, NB 1.8L and NC has 2.0L. I think many SS readers say Miata is low power or isn’t good for drifting. If you like high power, your choice will be Honda S2000 or Toyota MR-S, but Takao Kijima, one of Mazda’s engineers, says the roadster is totally different from high power sports cars—they are lightweight, and the concept is the “oneness” between the “horse and its rider”—and also, lots of fun. Here is my opinion: Imagine a smaller Michael Jordan who is 5’3” yet also has the same running speed and jumping power as the real Michael Jordan on the court. It would be difficult for a player to take the ball from the smaller “Jordan”, and so I say the Roadster is like a “small Michael Jordan”. They’re quick, inexpensive and affordable to modify. And if people think it’s not good for drifting, here is the truth: it’s difficult to drift. When Keiichi Tsuchiya gave a drifting test to pro drifters, Keiichi would take the Roadster—that means if you would drift the Roadster then you are a good drifter. Some D1 and Formula D drivers tried to drift with Roadster but only a few drivers can drift good in it. It has low power engine, small tire size which saves money for drifting or road racing; that’s why many Roadster owners drop higher powered car for the Roadster instead. Saving money is very important for us.

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By Tetsuya Ogushi
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