Why do we hate OEM traction control like Honda's VSA? It closes the throttle when it senses wheel slip. This loss of power leaves us kicking the gas pedal for more-you know what we're talking about. But Hondata is changing the game with its new traction control system, dubbed (wait for it) Traction Control. It's a closed loop system that reads the slip rate and monitors the friction through a car's ABS sensors. It's constantly monitoring this-let's just say around a 100 times a second! When it senses over-slip, the system will retard ignition timing first, then drop the cylinders if necessary to maintain the ideal amount of slip. This allows you to stay on the throttle through a turn, on a hard start or even in the wet. Still in a little disbelief, we spent a full day on the track with Hondata testing the system. We drove several high-horsepower cars from a daily-driven supercharged TSX to a track-spec S2000. In the TSX, you can just lay down the throttle the entire time exiting a corner or leaving the starting line. The traction control works instantaneously fast and lets you stay on the power longer keeping your acceleration smooth and in control. The system also works in the wet, which demonstrated a night and day difference to us. Hondata tells us the system can be tuned for a street car, drag racer or road warrior and will retail for $795. Well worth the cost if you consider we've already heard some of their sponsored drivers shaving a couple seconds off their lap times. The system will also be used on a few hardcore drag racers like Las Vegas' Team Adrenaline turbo EG that showed up on our testing day. - SD