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Super Street November 2015 Issue Preview

On newsstands now: Miata-powered FC RX-7, 700HP S15, 600HP Civic, models Erica Juliet and Brooke Hanmer, and more

Sep 18, 2015

Preview – Livin’ the Fast Life…in Toy Cars
A look at one of Jada Toys’ newest lines: official reproductions of the Furious 7 cars

Jada Toys Furious 7 Photo 2/16   |   Jada Toys Furious 7

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Preview – On the Grid
Scene coverage: #Gridlife Music & Motorsports Festival; Gingerman Raceway—South Haven, MI

GRIDLIFE Photo 3/16   |   GRIDLIFE

Preview – No Braap RX-7
To quote owner Patrick Reynolds: “People put rotaries in Miatas all the time. Why can’t I put a Miata motor in an FC?”

RX 7 Photo 4/16   |   RX 7

Preview - New Kids On the BLOX
Scene coverage: BLOX Evolution 2; Pier 70—San Francisco, CA

BLOX 2015 Photo 5/16   |   BLOX 2015

Preview – Bloody Murder
Could Huy Hoang’s 392hp, wide-body ’03 RSX-S be the best DC5 ever built?

RSX Type S Photo 6/16   |   RSX Type S

Preview - Going Back to Bali
The stunning Erica Juliet counts among her hobbies stand-up paddle-boarding, palm reading, writing poetry, and drinking whiskey

Erica Juliet Photo 7/16   |   Erica Juliet

Preview – Brothers in Arms
One family brings together one of the fastest Nissan Silvias on the planet

Silvia S15 Photo 8/16   |   Silvia S15

Preview – The Fun Factor
Almost entirely built in his garage with his own two hands, Kyle Moore’s $500 Civic is now a 600hp, nearly 9-second screamer

Civic Photo 9/16   |   Civic

Preview – Hanmer Time!
Model Spotlight: Brooke Hanmer – part-time comedian, full-time babe

Brooke Hanmer Photo 10/16   |   Brooke Hanmer

Preview - When Cars Align
Why camber matters and other alignment concepts you should know

Alignment Photo 11/16   |   Alignment

Preview - The Zenith
We love carbon fiber when used in all the right places—like the way it’s integrated into Seibon Carbon’s Subaru BRZ

Seibon subaru brz Photo 12/16   |   Seibon Subaru Brz

Preview - The Road to Super Lap Battle Continues…
Project Subaru Legacy receives more love before we unleash it at Buttonwillow Raceway

Legacy Photo 13/16   |   Legacy

Preview - Living Hardcore
Manabu Mitsumori’s Toyota Sprinter could easily pass as a badass street car, but it’s his weapon of choice when he wants to live slideways

Toyota Sprinter Photo 14/16   |   Toyota Sprinter

Preview – Stole the Show
Scene coverage: Springfest; Virginia Beach Convention Center – Virginia Beach, VA

Springfest Photo 15/16   |   Springfest

Preview – Let’s Go!
With our ’99 Honda Civic project car up north, it was finally time to start collecting all the necessary pieces of the puzzle to commence Project ATS*SS!

Project ATS SS Photo 16/16   |   Project ATS SS
Bob Hernandez
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