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Tuner Crush App Debuts

New game matches JDM wheels instead of candy

Sep 26, 2016

Match-three game apps are nothing new. They have been around for a while and spawned from games like Tetris and Columns. However, they didn't really explode until Candy Crush hit the scene a few years ago; then the whole world went match three crazy!

The problem, though, is even though there seemed to be match-three games coming out every day, they all pretty much had the same theme. It was all about matching candies, or cookies, or pastries, or some other kind of cutesy, unhealthy sweet treat.

TunerCrush Screenshot 3 Photo 2/4   |   Tunercrush Screenshot 3

Imagination Reactor, a new developer, wanted to change that, so they created Tuner Crush, a match-three game with an automotive theme. Instead of matching cupcakes or cookies, players match colored JDM wheels instead! The theme goes beyond just the major pieces, as well. All the power-ups are tuner themed, too, like "NOS Bombs,” impact wrenches, and more. To enhance immersive-ness, the user interface has hints of carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, and other materials.

TunerCrush Screenshot 2 Photo 3/4   |   Tunercrush Screenshot 2

Even the in-game currency is themed! Instead of diamonds or coins, golden lug nuts are Tuner Crush currency. The level maps are made to look like race courses, and eagle eyed players may notice that game level backgrounds are inspired by famous corners from major race tracks.

There are in-app-purchases (IAP) but that is pretty much par for the course these days. However, there are no pop-up ads. Players do have the option to watch an ad in exchange for a bit of in game currency if they choose to.

TunerCrush Screenshot 1 Photo 4/4   |   Tunercrush Screenshot 1

Currently Tuner Crush has 40 levels but the developer says more are coming. It is also only currently available for Android devices but an iOS version should be coming soon. Here is the Google Play store link if you want to try it out.

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