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2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse - Auto News - Updates

Sep 6, 2000
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[ HKS Attacks Y2K Eclipse ]
HKS has gone on a tuning rampage and its victim of choice is the 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse. The cars, a V6 and an inline four, were slated to debut at the 1999 SEMA show as this issue goes to press. HKS technicians have turbocharged the four cylinder and supercharged the V6 to illustrate that the Eclipse is alive and well as a performer in the import scene. "While the new 2000 Eclipse represents class-leading performance, we know there's a segment of enthusiasts who can never get enough horsepower," said Jerrod Strauss, marketing manager at HKS. "By making bolt-on performance parts available for the 2000 Eclipse, we'll make sure it remains at the top of the import-brand tuner's shopping list."

The Eclipse S6 is based upon a 3.0-liter, 24-valve, SOHC V6 Eclipse GT. Representing the first supercharged application for HKS, the 250+ horsepower Eclipse S6 features an HKS Roots-type supercharger, HKS Super Mega Flow intake, Drager stainless-steel exhaust, HKS's F-CON fuel-management system, 12-inch Brembo brakes, 19-inch alloy wheels, HKS full-body aerodynamic kit, Recaro seats, and monochrome graphics.

The Eclipse T4, which is schedule to be displayed in the Enkei Wheels booth, is a turbocharged version of the 2.4-liter, 16-valve, SOHC four-cylinder Mitsubishi Eclipse RS. Sporting a HKS turbocharger kit, the 200+ horsepower Eclipse T4 has 18-inch Enkei Phalenx wheels and Nitto tires, an aggressive lowered stance, an HKS stainless-steel Drager exhaust, HKS Super Mega Flow intake, HKS Turbo Timer, EVC, and 46mm HKS meters. Cool, when can we drive 'em?

[ Need An Engine?... RPM Engines ]
Need an engine? Jojo Callos was able to pull a rabbit out of his hat in Texas and rebuild his motor overnight and take home $10,000 in prize money. While this is extreme, there is a company that can handle your rebuilt engine needs in a prompt and professional manner. RPM Engines offers rebuilt long blocks, short blocks and installation kits for a variety of import and domestic applications. The Wilmington, California-based company offers bone-stock replacements as well as mild performance blocks that feature forged pistons, double roller timing gear, upgraded oil pump and possibly a bump in compression. Mods are kept to a minimum because RPM backs its work with a three-year 36,000-mile warranty. More aggressive buildups can be negotiated on a one-to-one basis. RPM can be reached at (310) 549-9803 or

[ Bello Blasts 9.1 And Eyes The Eights On Toyo Tires ]
Toyo Tires-sponsored driver Eddie Bello has taken his Porsche 911 to the brink of eight-second e.t.s. Eddie powershifted to a jaw-dropping 9.178-second e.t. at 161.02 mph. This e.t. is made even more impressive by the fact that Eddie rolls Toyo's DOT-approved RA-1 radials not slicks in the rear and Proxes T1-Ss in front. The landmark pass was made during shakedown testing at Old Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey. "It was an incredible day," said Bello. "I was running the car at 20 psi and made my first pass of the day in 9.50 with the car still cold. I went back to the line again and really shocked myself-this time running a 9.1."Eddie reports that the rev limit was set at a conservative 7400 rpm and the limiter kicked in about 150 feet before the traps. He plans to bump the limit to 8000 rpm and blast into the eights. For updates on Eddie check Turbo magazine's race coverage or surf over to

[ Saleen's 3rd Annual People's Choice Ford Performance Car Show ]
Saleen, the specialty vehicle manufacturer of high-performance Saleen Mustangs and Explorers, hosted its third annual People's Choice Ford Performance Car Show on September 11th, 1999. The show was an opportunity for Blue Oval fans to take in the sights of more than 200 Saleens and other Hi-Po Ford vehciles. Saleen can be contacted at (949) 597-4900 or

[ Signal Auto Coming To America ]
We hinted in our December "Industry Spotlight" article that Signal Auto was contemplating either opening a shop in America or importing parts to America. As this issue goes to press we have learned that Signal plans to open a shop in the Torrance area in Southern California. This is the scenario we were hoping for. Current plans call for a tuning shop and body shop all at one site. This allows Signal to offer the same all encompassing service to enthusiasts in America as it does in Japan-one-stop shopping. Look to these pages for more specifics as events unfold.

What-Ultimate Streetcar Challenge
When-February 26th 2000
Where-Pomona Fairplex

The International Performance Group at McMullen Argus Publishing announces the Ultimate Streetcar Challenge. The International Performance Group includes such titles as Sport Compact Car, Import Tuner, European Car, VW Trends and, of course, Turbo magazine. The Ultimate Streetcar Challenge will be held at the IDRC West Coast Nationals on February 26th, 2000. Open the pages of Import Tuner, Sport Compact Car and Turbo magazine and you'll find the latest technologies turning popular vehicles into world class performers.

Unfortunately, recognition for hard work, big investments and creativity has only come for those that have built specific-purpose vehicles; trailered show and full-race cars that dominate the show and race circuits. A vast majority of performance enthusiasts that actually drive their vehicles have not had an outlet to showcase their creationsuntil now.

The Ultimate Streetcar Challenge (USC). A true test of all aspects of vehicle performance, USC provides an opportunity for all import performance players to make their mark. Power, handling and looksit takes a potent combination of all three to be crowned the Ultimate Streetcar Champion. The war will be waged in three separate competitions autocross presented by Sport Compact Car, a Speed Drag Trial presented by Turbo and a Show Class presented by Import Tuner. To the victors go the spoils, in this case a piece of thousands of dollars in purse money and trophies. To join the party call 939-2455.

1999 Ultimate Streetcar Challenge Rules
1.All cars must be classified as an import or domestic compact car. Domestic compact cars are restricted to front-wheel-drive, four-cylinder platforms.2.All cars must be currently registered.3.All cars must use a full exhaust system that includes at least one muffler and an exhaust exit point some place behind the rear tires.4.All cars must run on gasoline. Race gas is permitted.5.All cars must use the same set of DOT approved tired in all three phases of the competition. No swapping of tires is allowed. Only replacement of a single tire is allowed if the tire fails in competition.6.All vehicles must pay the entry fee and pass the NHRA or IHRA safety check.7.All vehicles will have at least two time trials on the drag strip. The autocross time trials may be limited to one based on the number of participants.8.All decisions made by the USC event director are final.

[ Dept. Of Corrections ]
The photo above which, appeared on page 102 of the November 1999 in the Rocky Mountain Challenge race coverage article, incorrectly stated that the '88 CRX ran an engine built in California. This is not correct, the engine used components from California but was assembled in Colorado by RMC Performance.

In our bolt-on turbo conversion kit article (also November 1999) we quoted incorrect pricing information for the Hahn Racecraft packages. The kits allow owners of naturally-aspirated Eclipse/Talons to pressurize their rides. The proper pricing is as follows;

Stage I: $2395
Stage II: $3195
Stages III thru V: TBA

The best numbers to date with Hahn's Stage V Eclipse RS is 11.72 @ 122 mph. This car is still based on the components which make up Stages I and II packages. Stay tuned as we are currently working on bringing you more on this potent conversion. Hahn Racecraft can be reached at 1981-D Weisbrook Dr., Dept. THP, Oswego, IL 60543, (708) 851-5444 or



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