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The $120,000 240Sx - Money Machine

Jun 9, 2005
Turp_0506_01_z+nissan_silvia_240sx+side_view Photo 1/1   |   The $120,000 240Sx - Money Machine

Money and Las Vegas go hand in hand. There is no other city like it in the world; hotels cost billions of dollars to build while one-arm bandits rob you blind a nickel at a time. Walk into any casino and the bright lights and the sound of coins hitting the metal slot trays draw you in like bees to honey. Admit it, if you've ever been to Vegas, you've left feeling like a sucker at least once, and a lot poorer at the same time.

The lure of untold riches invariably empties some bank accounts. For Las Vegas native, Neil Tjin, the one-arm bandits didn't empty his bank account-this pristine 1997 Nissan 240SX SE did. Tjin spent the last couple years funding this green machine and estimates he has over $100,000 invested in his ride.

Money isn't the answer to everything but it does help when building your vision of the ultimate boulevard cruiser. While cruising the most recognizable "Strip" in the world, you need one flashy car to make heads turn.

Not just wanting to be "all show and no go," Neil spared no expense in the horsepower department. The tired KA24DE was yanked to make way for a more potent JDM SR20DET. To extract more power from the engine, a custom stainless steel exhaust manifold directs the hot air to the factory Garrett turbocharger. Spent gases are expelled through an upgraded downpipe and a Prototype Ti (titanium) full cat-back exhaust system. Once the ambient charge air is compressed, it's directed to a custom front-mount intercooler to reduce inlet temperatures.

To control inlet temps during the hot summer months, Tjin installed a Nitrous Express front intercooler spray bar with a remote button control. At the touch of the button, the intercooler is instantly chilled. Once chilled, the charge air is force-fed into the GReddy intake plenum where it's mixed with high-octane juice squirted from 550cc injectors.

If the power from the turbocharged engine doesn't satiate Tjin's needs, he can press his happy button, a 100-shot direct-port nitrous system. The entire engine compartment has been flawlessly detailed and accented with tons of polish and aftermarket accessories.

With the engine all pumped and ready to go, Tjin turned his attention to the exterior of the 240SX. The factory front end didn't figure into his vision, so it was converted to a Japanese-spec S15 front end. Tjin also ordered a set of Japanese-spec S14 side skirts, a prototype rear bumper and Bomex sport mirrors.

Not wanting to go out like a chump, Tjin had the entire engine compartment gutted before sending his ride to the spray booth for 10 layers of House of Kolor green hue.

Wheels and tires can make or break the look of a vehicle and Tjin opted to go with 19-inch HRE 441 split-spoke aluminums. The 240 runs 9.5-inches wide in the front wrapped with 245/35 Toyo T1-S. The rear wheels measure 10.5-inches wide with 275/30 Toyo rubber. Bringing the Nissan closer to the pavement is a set of fully-adjustable drift coil-overs complete with adjustable camber plates from Kei Office.

With all that power lurking beneath the hood, Neil wanted to make sure the Nissan could stop on a dime. Custom-fabricated, 13.2-inch cross-drilled rotors with four-piston Wilwood calipers bring the Nissan to a quick halt.

If you thought the car looked tight from the outside, check out the interior where most of Tjin's hard-earned dough was spent. The rear seats were chucked to make room for the three Bazooka amps and two Nitrous Express carbon-fiber bottles with remote openers. In the trunk compartment resides a custom fiberglass enclosure, housing four Triangle Bazooka speakers and two 7-inch Pyle TV monitors. A third Pyle monitor is mounted in the center console for the front passengers.

Mounted within the interior compartment is a Cusco roll cage. Sticking with the JDM theme a pair of suede NISMO seats with a set of Sparco racing harness keeps Tjin planted firmly in place.

Some people who leave Vegas are lucky to do so with their gold fillings in place or if they are really lucky, maybe a comp'd buffet brunch. Sure, Neil Tjin may be lighter in the pocketbook, but he can flaunt his emerald of a 240 down the Strip whenever he desires.


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