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SEMA 2019 - Year of the Supra: Part 2 #MTSEMA19

3 Pandem widebody Supras you won't hate

Sam Du
Nov 7, 2019

As expected, this year's SEMA Show is filled with new Toyota Supra builds. I haven't done a hard count yet but there's at least 20 A90s! Toyota brought a trio of one-off concepts which we previewed on Day 1, and now we'd like to highlight three more Supras here, each wearing the Pandem widebody kit designed by Kei Miura of TRA Kyoto.

If you're wondering why there are so many Pandem Supras, let's just say Miura-san got the jump on everyone. He was the first in the aftermarket to get his hands on the Supra, developing his kit on Daigo Saito's 2JZ-powered D1 drift car. With the North American launch just happening in July/August, it didn't give other styling manufacturers an opportunity to get enough R&D done and come to market. So, hats off to Miura! We don't blame you if you feel the kit is already "whored out", but we have to give credit to these three Supra builds which managed to create an identity of their own despite wearing similar aero.


GReddy A90 Supra Pandem Front Lip 02 Photo 37/37   |   SEMA 2019 - Year of the Supra: Part 2 #MTSEMA19

GReddy's car is possibly the baddest Supra build of SEMA, period. They've developed their A90 into full drift-spec using the stock B58 engine; however, it's been upgraded with a BorgWarner EFR 7163G turbo and fitted with GReddy's own intake and exhaust manifolds, front-mount intercooler, oil cooler and exhaust. It runs a full MoTeC management system with custom motorsport-spec harness by NCS. Gone is the automatic ZF transmission and in its place is a Samsonas sequential transmission with ClutchMasters FX850 twin-plate clutch, custom bellhousing by Essa Autosports and a Tilton pedal assembly (finally, a manual Supra!). Underneath are KW Motorsport coilovers, Wisefab suspension kit and a couple of borrowed goodies from the BMW parts bin - E90 M3 brakes and rear diff with Project Mu pads and an OS Giken limited-slip differential. The inside is just as good with a stripped interior, Formula DRIFT-spec cage, Sparco buckets and more. This is as good as it gets and kind of brings us back to the time GReddy debuted its 2JZ-powered Scion FR-S years ago! Bravo to Kenji and his team!

Auto Tuned

Auto Tuned A90 Supra Rear Wing 02 Photo 37/37   |   SEMA 2019 - Year of the Supra: Part 2 #MTSEMA19

While GReddy has the balls to the wall build with months of time to develop, on the other side of the spectrum is the Auto Tuned Nitro Yello Supra which was finished in just one week! The Supra rocks the Pandem kit; however, uses custom carbon replacement parts for the side skirts and front lip (V-weaved to match). They've also added their own carbon rear diffuser as well as replaced the moldings with yellow ones (it's all in the details!). The rest of the build uses high quality parts such as RS-R coilovers, Brembo GT-S front big brakes, Zakustech carbon-fiber louvered hatch panel, Gram Lights G025 wheels and an A'PEXi exhaust. Not a huge mod list but it's clean, it's well done and it's something that would look sick driving down the street!


Autofashion A90 Supra Pandem Bodykit Photo 37/37   |   SEMA 2019 - Year of the Supra: Part 2 #MTSEMA19

Last of our Pandem power players is the Autofashion Supra. It features the version 1.5 kit (yes, there's already two versions of the Pandem kit!), which is slightly restyled and more aggressive. In addition, there's a GT-style rear wing and custom carbon-fiber vents on the front fenders. Throw in the SSR wheels, Revel suspension, Bride seats and a sweet livery by designer JDM Ego and the Autofashion Supra ranks right up there as one of the biggest headturners of SEMA 2019!

Auto Tuned A90 Supra Pandem Front Lip 01 Photo 37/37   |   SEMA 2019 - Year of the Supra: Part 2 #MTSEMA19
GReddy A90 Supra Pandem Rear Fender Photo 37/37   |   SEMA 2019 - Year of the Supra: Part 2 #MTSEMA19
GReddy A90 Supra Shifter Photo 37/37   |   SEMA 2019 - Year of the Supra: Part 2 #MTSEMA19
By Sam Du
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