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SS Battles: Supercharged V8 Volvo Coupe vs. Audi RS3 Sedan

Soccer mom-mobile goes up against business-suit required sedan

May 19, 2020
Photographer: Darren Martin

Ahh, the sleeper. Every diehard enthusiast has either dreamt of piecing or attempted to piece together their version of the ultimate wolf in sheep's clothing affair. It's no easy task, putting together a lethal performer that looks factory, or in some cases, dire condition, only to pounce upon unsuspecting prey.

There are countless examples, some of which have been featured on the pages of Super Street, and we want to compare two versions with very different styles. On one hand, the older, oddball '80s people-mover smothered in unmistakably '80s tan, while the other is known for being quite the performer, though this one is far more lethal than the factory ever intended.

Let us know which sleeper gets your vote, the Volvo 242 with raw, supercharged V8 grunt, or the refined, turbo Audi RS3 with some serious ETs. Visit our IG page to comment.

1983 Volvo 242

Sean Fogli Volvo 242 Driver Side Front View Photo 12/12   |   SS Battles: Supercharged V8 Volvo Coupe vs. Audi RS3 Sedan

Most anytime the term sleeper is thrown around, any vehicle with aftermarket goods that are easily seen is automatically taken out of the running. However, we believe you'll make an exception for this one, as we're quite sure you've never been embarrassed by an '80s-era Volvo. Sure, the 18-inch CCW rollers and lowered ride height might cue you into someone investing some money into the most unlikely of project cars, but the 6.0L LS engine complete with CTS-V supercharger isn't in any way a common occurrence.

Sean Fogli Volvo 242 GM LS Swap Photo 12/12   |   SS Battles: Supercharged V8 Volvo Coupe vs. Audi RS3 Sedan

Sean Fogli set out to build something truly one-of-a-kind and absolutely succeeded in doing so. Quite handy with a wrench, Fogli did almost every bit of work on this unique build on his own and took inspiration from the Hot Rod and European car world. This is a must-read article and is available here.

2018 Audi RS3

Malaka Motorsports Audi RS 3 Rear Bumper Photo 12/12   |   SS Battles: Supercharged V8 Volvo Coupe vs. Audi RS3 Sedan

We know what you're thinking, "How the hell is an Audi RS3 considered a sleeper?!" Everyone knows they're fast right from the factory, but trust us, they're not THIS fast. Back in 2018 we shot the Malaka Motorsport Audi RS3, a sedan that, at the time, put the world on notice with a blistering 9.822 @145.85MPH along with a 168.54MPH standing half mile pass. The lettering on the Hoosier DR2 drag radials would certainly clue you in, but on the street you'd never know what just flew by you in a mass of luxury creature comforts.

Malaka Motorsports Audi RS 3 Engine Bay Photo 12/12   |   SS Battles: Supercharged V8 Volvo Coupe vs. Audi RS3 Sedan

The already capable sedan saw significant gains from an Iroz Motorsport Xona rotor turbo kit with exhaust gases evacuated through a 4-inch downpipe and a dyno result that measured 700-plus hp and over 500 lbs.-ft of torque. While there aren't hordes of Audi enthusiasts attacking their local drag strip, of the ones who do fight for better time slips, few carry the sort of charisma that brothers George and Stav Tsitlakidis do. Here's the complete story on this modern-day sleeper.

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