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1995 Honda Integra Si VTEC - Integra Nott Egra Honda

This Is One DC2 Brad Pitt Never Saw Coming

Sean Klingelhoefer
Jan 31, 2010
Photographer: Sean Bradford

If you actually understood the title reference, you just earned yourself +20 JDM points. Throughout this article you'll have plenty of opportunities to score more JDM points depending on your knowledge of all things JDM related on this car. At the end of this article you can see just how JDM you and your friends really are. Ready?

The outside of this Si VTEC has been enhanced in many ways. The BYS front bumper adds a slightly more aggressive demeanor to the front end. Sitting atop the peak of the windshield this Integra proudly displays its roots via a Honda Verno banner. The sides and rear bumper have been treated to a special serving of optional Type R side skirts and valences. To finish off the clean look the moldings were removed and the trunk is left wingless. A rear foglight was also installed for good measure.

Question #1. What does BYS stand for?
A) Break Your Self
B) Backyard Special
C) Boy Youth Slave

2. What is Honda Verno?
A) A violent street gang from Harajuku
B) Henry Dekyuper's favorite Ice Cream shop
C) A type of Honda Dealership

3. How many exterior parts were converted to ITR?
A) 1
B) 6
C) 4

To stiffen up the chassis Kris went to great lengths to ensure his suspension was high end. Added rigidity comes from a Carbing 3pt front strut bar and a Miracle X bar in the back - true JDM bling. B-Maxx coilovers paired with T1R springs provide the menacing stance. Final suspension tuning includes Function7 rear LCAs and an ASR subframe brace along with 24/22mm sway bars front/rear.

4. What is Carbing's parent company?
A) Bride
C) Okuyama

5. Who makes the Miracle X bar?
A) Next
B) Cusco
C) Spoon

Inside this Integra we have plenty more upgrades. The stock Si VTEC gauge cluster, climate control, air vents, shifter console and armrest were all traded for ITR counter parts. A Spoon shift knob sits dangerously close to the OEM Gathers head unit with flip out TV screen. Some carbon kevlar F1 spec seats with legendary green Takata harnesses round out the cabin.

6. What is Takata's slogan?
A) Pray to Gods of Takata I hope your speed over rival
B) Dream never ends
C) Our dream is that someday there will be zero victims due to traffic accidents.

7. What's the difference between the Si VTEC and Type R climate control?
A) One's digital and one is cable
B) One has a faux carbon overlay and the other does not
C) Size and shape

Knowing that the Type R still had more killer parts to offer, Kris swapped out the engine, transmission and brakes with yet more R goodies. He took the '98 Spec B18C and rebuilt it with new OEM parts and a slight overbore. While everything was apart he also snuck an upgraded clutch and flywheel between the tranny/motor sandwich. The last touches were added with JDM goods like the HKS filter and A'PEXi N1 exhaust.

8. What is the '98 Spec S80 Type R final drive ratio?
A) 4.40
B) 4.25
C) 4.75

9. What is the compression ratio of a '98 Spec B18C Type R?
A) 11.5:1
B) 11.0:1
C) 10.6:1

10. What is the part number for the JDM B18C Type R piston?
A) P73-00
C) P73-A0

Since by now I'm sure you're getting anxious to check out just how JDM you are I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. I just hope you had as much fun reading about the car and taking the test as I did writing it!

1) B
2) C
3) B
4) C
5) A
6) C
7) B
8) C
9) B
10) A

Scoring Guide:
0-3 right = Not very JDM
3-6 right = JDM newbie
6-10 right = JDM veteran
10 right + title bonus = JDM approved! is a horse of a different color.

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Sstp_1001_19_o+1995_honda_integra_si_vtec+owner Photo 11/15   |   1995 Honda Integra Si VTEC - Integra Nott Egra Honda

1995 Honda Integra Si VTEC

Owner Kris Kovanda
Hometown Crestview, fl
Occupation Serving Up Crabs

Engine '98 Spec B18C Type R Engine; bored .40 over; Pro-lite fuel line w/Earl's fittings; AEM fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator; Marshal fuel pressure gauge; HKS mushroom filter on short ram intake; A'PEXi N1 exhaust; 3'' custom test pipe; Tri-Y eBay header; Koyo aluminum radiator; FAL fans; Mugen reservoir covers, oil cap, radiator cap; Chasebays Mil/Spec harness, polished OEM brake lines, clutch line, hidden battery box

Driveline OEM '98 Spec ITR 5-speed transmission; Competition Clutch Stage 4 clutch kit; Fidanza 9lb flywheel

Engine Management Oem Itr Ecu

Footwork & Chassis B-Maxx coilovers w/T1R springs; 24mm GS-R front sway bar, 22mm ITR rear sway bar; Carbing 3-point front strut bar; NEXT Miracle X bar; PIC bushing kit; Blox front and rear camber kit; Function7 rear lower control arms and sway bar endlinks; ASR subframe brace (polished); NRG harness bar

Brakes ITR 5-lug conversion; Brembo rotors; Axis Ultimate pads

Wheels & Tires 15X7 +35/30 Sprint Hart CP-R with Toyo T1R tires

Exterior Galaxy Grey Metallic paint; Backyard Special front bumper; JDM ITR headlights, 98+ ITR optional side skirts and rear valences, EDM taillights, EDM rear foglight; shaved emblems, rear window squirter, antenna

Sstp_1001_21_o+1995_honda_integra_si_vtec+header Photo 12/15   |   1995 Honda Integra Si VTEC - Integra Nott Egra Honda

Interior F1 Spec carbon kevlar seats; Spoon Sports shift knob; EDM optional pedals; JDM ITR gauge cluster, carbon climate control, center console, shift boot, optional personal box, armrest eliminator, clock blocker; Takata harnesses w/gel pads

Audio OEM Gathers 2-Din radio w/flip-out screens

Thanks You Thanks to all my friends and family! Without their support and motivation none of this would be possible. Automations CustomPaint, Chase @ Chasebaysonline, Keenan at Acura of Memphis, Superior Powdercoating, Johnny and Disco, Adams Automotive, Cackywheels.

WWW (Mugen);;; (takata and carbing)

By Sean Klingelhoefer
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