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2009 Nissan Fairlady Z RC370Z - Imagination

The Z34 Never Looked So Good

Sean Klingelhoefer
Apr 21, 2010

Get Off In Two Pages "Where there is a will, there is a way." It's a cliché proverb but for Tamon Shoji it has spawned from a saying into a way of life and in the process become the model by which he runs his business. As the designer and owner of Tamon Design his job is limited only by his imagination, which time after time proves to be endless. You might be familiar with some of Tamon's previous projects such as his JZA80 Supra and FC RX-7 kits or most recently the Zaku S2000 in our August 2009 issue. Regardless, your knowledge of the history of the company will have no affect on how amazing this Z34 is.

Sstp_1005_01_o+2009_nissan_fairlady_z_rc370z+owner Photo 2/9   |   2009 Nissan Fairlady Z RC370Z - Imagination

Aside from the front bumper with an uncharacteristically large grille, the kit on the RC370Z doesn't look much different from stock. It certainly doesn't scream "hey look at me, I'm a widebody rice-rocket" like Japanese conversions from years past. In stark contrast even to Tamon's previous projects this is a much more refined design. Rather than trying to turn the car into something it isn't, Shoji-san took a new approach, carefully accentuating the car's natural lines. This kit proves to be his most refined to date and shows the strength in his design progression.

This car is the epitome of the "less is more" mindset. Not only can you still easily recognize the vehicle, the kit actually flows so well it almost seems like it was supposed to be there all along. The fit and finish are up to factory specs and the consideration put into the detailing ensures it meshes perfectly with Nissan's original design. Though I had seen the car a few days prior at TAS, it wasn't until I was on location shooting these photos that much of the design really started to soak in. Only with the panels lit up and carved out could I begin to analyze every subtle detail.

Sstp_1005_05_o+2009_nissan_fairlady_z_rc370z+front_wheel Photo 3/9   |   2009 Nissan Fairlady Z RC370Z - Imagination

Take for example the multiple steps in the front bumper or the way the ducting in both the front and the rear complete the "Z" formation when mated to the corresponding light housing. The fender arches are extended and sculpted with great care to make sure they look menacing yet graceful while swallowing the Volk G2 wheels below. The whole package covered in orange Maziora paint shimmering under the bright Tokyo sun is truly a breathtaking sight. While we aren't sure what Tamon Design has up their sleeve next there's one thing we can be sure of - there's plenty more "will" where this came from.

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2009 Nissan Fairlady Z RC370Z
Owner tamon design
Hometown mie, japan
Occupation president, designer & Modeler
Engine 3.7L VQ37VHR, Tamon Design RC Exhaust System by
ITO Racing
Footwork & Chassis
Tamon Design Aragosta Type-S RC-SPl coilovers (16kg/mm front, 10kg/mm rear)

Wheels & Tires 20x10 (front)/ 20x11 (rear) RAYS Volk Racing VR.G2 wheels, 245/30/220 (front)/ 305/25/20 (rear), Dunlop Sport Maxx tires

Exterior Maziora Orange Paint by Show Up Osaka, Tamon Design RC370Z Exterior package (front bumper, rear bumper w/diffuser, front fenders (+30mm), rear fenders (+45mm), side skirts

Ice Panasonic Strada CN-HX 900D HDD Navigation (Volk);

Don't Call It A Dealership
Almost everything in Japan is different. Cell phones are different, food is different, even the garbage cans are different. For anyone to think that a car dealership would be anything but different would be insane. The thing is, different doesn't even begin to describe how incomparable they actually are. Sure they still have cars for sale and they offer service and repair but that's where the similarities end.

Carest Makuhari by Nissan, the location where I shot the RC370Z, is like a car dealership on crack. Imagine (if you can) a Nissan dealership that understands our needs as tuners. Now in the same campus add a Super Autobacs except double the amount of parts for sale. Might as well throw in a Pep Boys for good measure. Now add a 30 bay tuning shop to the setup and you're starting to approach Carest. The final piece of the puzzle would be a Nissan motorsports museum with all your favorite famous racecars from Gran Turismo.

It's a dealership that not only sells cars and parts, but we're talking the best of the best. Brands like BBS, RAYS, NISMO, Work, Bridgestone, Cusco, A'PEXi, Blitz, Endless, Fujitsubo, HKS, Recaro, TEIN, RS-R, Trust, Ohlins and more! That's right, all in one place you can buy a used R34 GT-R, Volk wheels, Impul exhaust, Bridgestone race rubber, a Bride seat, a Nardi steering wheel and have it all installed and tuned while you drool over the Penzoil R34 JGTC race car. What was supposed to be a quick restroom break nearly turned into a heart attack at the sight of an R390 Le Mans prototype in the flesh!

By Sean Klingelhoefer
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