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1999 Honda Civic DX, 2000 Acura Integra Type R - Family Feud

K Versus B, What's Your Weapon Of Choice?

Joey Lee
Jul 15, 2010
Photographer: Sean Klingelhoefer

Despite what you may think by reading the bold letters set on the title line of these pages, this isn't about a heated rivalry between two owners, from the same coast or from the same car crew. In fact, the ATS Garage crew is tighter than ever. Throughout the years they have had a fleet of heaters that are all worthy of mention in their own right. The "feud" as we have stated, is not between two men, it's a battle between ideologies. Let's call it a "friendly" debate within the Honda community between the B-series loyalists and the enthusiasts who have taken to the power and new technology of the K-series.

Sstp_1007_01_o+2000_acura_integra+engine_view Photo 2/22   |   1999 Honda Civic DX, 2000 Acura Integra Type R - Family Feud

Ryan Der's 1999 Honda Civic DX This is a tale of two very different builds. Anh Truong, the newest member of ATS, has been an Integra-lover as long as he can remember. He was once a B-series guy until he was seduced by the power of the K. Ryan Der, has had his Civic for the past eight years and would never imagine putting anything in the bay other than a B.

2019 Honda Civic
$21,450 Base Model (MSRP) MPG Fuel Economy

"I love the way the motor sits in the engine bay, it just looks 'right' to me." Ryan explains. "I've always been a big fan of the B-series and I feel it just has the right look and feel inside a Civic."

Though he's perfectly content with his B18C, he's also had his fair share of issues. It wasn't necessarily due to the motor itself, but the parts he had on it. "Prior to having my ITB set-up, I used to track my car quite often at Thunderhill, Infineon and Willow Springs. After I installed them I never tracked it. It was cool to have them on the car but I never felt comfortable driving it. I didn't think it would be reliable enough to last a 20-minute session at full throttle. It was tuned and all but it would just smoke and bog a lot so I just scrapped the whole ITB set-up."

"I wanted full reliability and a fresh start. I ditched the old ITR motor I had and went with a unmolested 98-spec JDM B18C," Ryan says. "I just decided to run an intake, header and exhaust, and keep the setup simple. My goal was to be able to drive 150 miles to the track, another 100 on the track, then drive back home without any problems. A stock ITR engine provides enough power for the track and I feel that it's really balanced in my car. It's not too much and not too little. Balance is very important to me and the B-series provides just that."

Despite its pristine show car appearance, this Civic is very capable on the track. It goes with that "balance" Ryan set out for in the final incarnation of his 8-year long build. "I used to just buy a bunch of replica parts when I first started out. I had the mindset then that they were the same as the originals. After awhile, I started realizing that they just weren't up to par and nowadays I just save up and buy what I really want. I've done so much to this car over the years and I knew that this was going to be the last time I would rebuild it-so I went all out."

Sstp_1007_02_o+1999_honda_dx+engine_view Photo 3/22   |   1999 Honda Civic DX, 2000 Acura Integra Type R - Family Feud

"I got tired of the car being black so I figured I would just strip the whole car down and start from scratch. I sold everything I had so that I could get exactly what I wanted. Being that this was the final overhaul, I wanted parts that I would never have to upgrade again."

Ryan credits the J's Racing FD2 Civic as his inspiration behind the two-tone paint scheme. The popular thing to do within the past year or so has been to have a different colored bay than the exterior. He flipped the script and went a different route - like his J's Racing muse, he had not only the bay but also the entire interior re-sprayed. "I know two-tone paint schemes are getting kind of played-out in the Honda scene, but no one has really done it that way."

Before Franklin Autobody could lay down the paint, Ryan dropped off a complete and authentic C-West body kit to really set the makeover off. He had previously run bolt-on fender flares up front but got quickly got rid of them when he was able to source some J's Racing 30mm overfenders. The wider front fenders give him more room to run wider 16-inch Volk TE37s and meatier tires for track duty. "Everything on the car is ready and equipped to take a beating," he explains. "A dream of mine was to have a Honda that was built to win a car show one weekend and get beat on at the track the following."

Sstp_1007_06_o+1999_honda_dx+shift_knob Photo 7/22   |   1999 Honda Civic DX, 2000 Acura Integra Type R - Family Feud

It definitely has all the right pieces aesthetically to win at any show, so much so that the beautifully assembled exterior might almost distract onlookers from noticing the bevy of suspension and brake pieces. Koni 3011 double-adjustable dampers in combination with Eibach race springs keep this Civic firmly planted on the road. For chassis strengthening, Ryan installed J's racing under fender braces and ditched his Kirk Racing bolt-on cage for a gusseted and welded TC Designs 6-point roll cage. Sitting on the Civic Type R 5-lug swap are wallet-destroying Endless brakes. Stopping power is important whether the car is tracked or not so he definitely spared no expense. Anything Endless is also pleasing to the eye of any car show judge.

Inside the Long Beach Blue Pearl draped interior lies only the absolute essentials for competition. The carpet, rear seats and associated panels have all been removed. The only remnants of anything resembling an OEM Civic interior are the dash and front door panels. Recaro SPG seats with one-off Recaro/Willans safety harnesses replace the stock front seats and seatbelt units while the dash has been modified to house an AiM Sports MXL Pista digital dash unit. The Recaros have their backs color-matched to the interior hue for that added personal touch. A deep-dish limited-edition Vertex steering wheel mounted to a SRR steering hub help improve overall driving position. Every other open spot on the dashboard has been filled with switches mounted to custom carbon-fiber trim plates. Even the radio has been replaced with a master kill switch.

"Overall, the entire rebuild has been a very fun project with very little hold-ups. It took approximately two months to get it up and running. I'm just very content with the results," Ryan says happily. "I have practically every part I have ever wanted for this project. Now I just need to tie up a few loose ends and then I'm off to the track to see what this little B-series can do!"

Tuning Menu
1999 Honda Civic DX
Owner Ryan Der
Hometown San Francisco, CA
Occupation Between Jobs
Power Classified

Engine 1998 JDM 1.8L HONDA B18C; Innovative 70A engine mounts; DTR Street Sweeper header; SARD catalytic converter; Fujitsubo RM01 cat-back exhaust; AEM 3-inch ITR cold-air intake; Trust oil cooler kit and oil block adapter sandwich plate; C&R full core radiator with SPAL slim fan; Billion radiator hoses; Polished radiator overflow cylinder; ARC radiator cap, oil cap and thermostat; All Star breather tank; Aeromotive A1000 fuel filter; Walbro 255lph fuel pump; Earl's stainless steel-braided fuel, coolant lines and -AN fittings; Shaved valve cover; Hondata thermal intake manifold gasket; TODA Racing timing belt; Custom beauty washer dipstick; Vision hood dampers; Odyssey lightweight racing battery w/aluminum tie down; Moroso remote battery terminals; Endless reservoir overflow covers

Drivetrain ATS single-plate clutch kit and 16-plate clutch LSD; C's Driving Position shifter; ATS LSD oil

Footwork & Chassis Koni 3011 double adjustable dampers w/Koni sleeves; Eibach racing springs (700F/1000R); TC Designs 6-point weld-in rollcage w/gussets and SFI cage padding; CTR 5-lug conversion and 26mm front sway bar; ARP long wheel studs; Comptech 22mm rear sway/tie bar combo; J's Racing Under Fender braces and roll center adjusters; Carbing 3-point front shock tower bar; JUN spherical front camber kit; Wicked Tuning spherical rear camber kit and spherical front lower control arms; Function7 spherical rear lower control arms; P-CI spherical rear trailing arm bushings

Brkes Endless 4-piston front brake calipers w/MX72 brake pads; Cryostop rotors; Stoptech stainless steel brake lines; Relocated brake proportioning valve; Earl's brake fittings; ITR master cylinder and brake booster; ATE DOT4 Super Blue brake fluid

Wheels & Tires 16x8 Volk Racing TE37 (+15 offset/front); 16x7 Volk Racing TE37 (+25 offset/rear); 205/45-16 Falken Azenis RT-615

Exterior Two-tone Snow White exterior/Long Beach Blue Pearl engine bay & interior paintjob; C-West front bumper, side skirts, and rear bumper; ARC front lip spoilers; J's Racing Type S carbon-fiber hood, 3D GT wing and 30mm front fiberglass overfenders; Magical Racing carbon-fiber mirrors w/CTR block-off plates; CTR thin side moldings and window visors; Civic sedan rear door handle conversion; Retrofitted BMW HID headlight projectors; shaved antenna, emblems and rear wiper; DZUS quick-release fasteners

Interior Recaro SPG bucket seats w/Long Beach Blue Pearl painted seat backing; Recaro optional headrest pillows and lower bolster protectors; Willans 6-point silver racing harnesses; Bride side mount seat brackets; SRR steering wheel short hub; Works Bell Yoshioka steering wheel quick-release; Vertex Limited Edition 10th Anniversary 330mm steering wheel; Mugen Sport pedals; AiM Sports MXL Pista digital dash logger w/carbon-fiber bezel, GPS module, MSI 10-bar pressure sensor and temperature sensor; custom switch panel with carbon-fiber trim; Master kill switch w/carbon-fiber trim; ARC polished Ti oval shift knob; Zoom Monaco carbon-fiber rearview mirror; Civic SI power window and door lock conversion; Bogen camera mount; Cusco e-brake button; CDM Civic airbag tray; blue tweed wrapped door panels

ICE Civic SI tweeters; CTR Gathers carbon-fiber speakers

Thanks you First, I would like to thank my family for supporting/putting up with my hobby; I would also like to give a shout-out to my ATS Garage*DPK family, you guys really inspired me. Finally, special thanks to Sunny Wong from Franklin Autobody for all the help with the car;;;;

Anh Truong's
2000 Acura Integra Type R #0310

While Ryan Der was busy reacquainting himself with his love of all things B-series, Anh Truong was just beginning to get familiar with his new setup. Though he was once B-faithful, the newer technology and instant power of the K engine quickly lured him away. And he isn't the only one. It's a fair statement to say that the K-series single-handedly breathed new life into the growing monotony that once existed in the Honda community.

"I just couldn't believe the difference in power and how the car felt throughout the powerband," Anh explains. Like Ryan, he's had his fair share of experience with the ITR motor. He's gone through two of them and the last made a very respectable 201whp. Even so, one ride in a K-swapped Honda completely changed his mind. "I looked at the build on my B18C and I honestly questioned myself. Some of you might think that comparing a B18C5 to a K20A is like comparing apples to oranges but nothing can explain the feeling you get when you drive a Honda with a K-swap. The six-speed transmission is another thing that I love. The way that it's geared keeps you in the power band throughout. The B-series is a great motor...that I don't doubt. But my mind was made up."

"The majority of the people who try to knock the K-engines have probably never driven one," Anh says confidently. "All it takes is a test drive to get you thinking. They just have so much potential and react very well to modifications. Whether you decide to boost or go N/A, you can't go wrong. I'm happy with my choice and I'll never look back."

Sstp_1007_18_o+2000_acura_integra+type_r Photo 17/22   |   1999 Honda Civic DX, 2000 Acura Integra Type R - Family Feud

"The K20 R that sits in my ITR is pretty mild and it already makes a ton more power than my previous B set-up. It currently has Supertech valvetrain components, TODA Racing N2 cams, some basic bolt-ons and there's still a ton of room to squeeze more power out of it."

There are some Type R fanatics and enthusiasts who might say that pulling the ITR engine out in favor of a K20 is Honda-sacrilege. They would say that the Integra Type R was built for that engine and nothing else, and getting rid of it would ruin the balance of the car. There is definitely some truth in that statement, but it's most certainly debatable. An ITR was built for that engine... back then. Guys like Anh set out to exceed the maximum potential of their ITRs and the K-series engines are the perfect tool to do just that.

Anh credits his Integra Type R's most current Super Street cover-worthy state to a dream, the right team of people and his strong religious faith.

"I remember seeing my first Integra Type R at a local Burger King when I was just a high school sophomore back in 1998. I knew at that moment that it would be my dream car," he reminisces. "I didn't get the opportunity to actually own one until I was in college. Looking back, I'm actually thankful that I didn't get it until that time because I wouldn't have known how to take care of it. I'm pretty sure it would have been stolen or I would have done all the ricey things to it that I did with the Prelude I had then."

Sstp_1007_19_o+2000_acura_integra+steering_wheel Photo 18/22   |   1999 Honda Civic DX, 2000 Acura Integra Type R - Family Feud

"It took me a while to find one that I liked. There were so many salvaged ITRs at the time and the only one with a clean title was sold minutes before I arrived to pick it up. I was so bummed that I began scouring Craigslist and strangely enough, I found the Integra that I own today. I cherished it even though it was a bit rough around the edges. There were some dents and it needed new paint but I took care of it. I was a youth minister at my local church then and they were kind enough to let me keep my car inside the church on weekdays."

"I slowly began the modification process and even had the car re-sprayed the OEM Flamenco Black. I began to get more comfortable within the Honda community and eventually I decided that I had to step my game up to see if I could take my build further."

Anh's rationale to go K-series was not without merit. A spun rod with his first motor and similar disaster with his second lead him to contemplate the K.

"It was nothing but problems with the two ITR engines I had before. The car just never received the treatment it deserved and needed," he says. It may be "divine intervention" or just a case of being at the right place at the right time, but another member of ATS Garage, Vee, just happened to have a JDM K20A for sale. Anh quickly jumped on it and began making calls to assemble a dream team to complete his rebuild.

Sstp_1007_20_o+2000_acura_integra+block Photo 19/22   |   1999 Honda Civic DX, 2000 Acura Integra Type R - Family Feud

"The plan was simple: to make this very complicated build top notch with no short cuts and quality parts. I was lucky enough to be able to lock down famed Honda-builder, Fred Chapman and wiring guru, Ryan "Rywire" Basseri to assist me throughout the build."

It took less than a day for Fred to get to work on the tear down. Chapman aka "ATS Fred" immediately pulled out the B18C to make room for the new heart. The dash and interior were also yanked to allow room for Ryan to mock-up custom brake lines and removal of unneeded wires. The battery and fuse box were eventually relocated while the heater, A/C and power steering were removed altogether. Fred then dropped the K20A into its new home and Ryan applied one of his signature Rywire mil/spec harnesses to make everything fully operational.

Along with the modified valvetrain stated earlier, this K20A also sees upgrades with an RBC intake manifold, DTR header, RCrew/RedZone custom exhaust and custom Griffin radiator set-up. The radiator is modified to use -16 AN fittings with lower and upper radiator hoses connecting to K-Tuned swivel water outlets. As if his engine bay wasn't unique enough, Anh sent his entire subframe, Karcepts intake pipe, oil catch can and other assorted goodies out to SIK Industries to have them powdercoated in candy teal. "I was honestly kind of iffy on the teal at first but Fred gave me reassurance that it would pop nicely against the glossy black."

Sstp_1007_21_o+2000_acura_integra+seats Photo 20/22   |   1999 Honda Civic DX, 2000 Acura Integra Type R - Family Feud

"Throughout the rebuild I had the car towed to so many different places. Luckily I had the best AAA package available because I really abused the free towing," Anh says with a smile. One of the spots it was dropped off at was Modern Bench Operations where the exterior was cleaned up and prepped for the new exterior components. These new parts included an authentic Backyard Special front bumper and a rare Mugen Generation II rear wing. Once the freshly painted pieces were aligned and installed on Anh's R, he and Fred were able to adjust the Zeal S6 coilovers to the appropriate ride height. The interior remains unchanged from before the Chapman/Rywire rebuild. With JDM ITR Recaros and ITR rear seats, there's really no reason why it would call for a dramatic change. Add a Mugen Racing 3 steering wheel to the mix and you have a timeless Integra Type R interior.

Despite the two builds going in two completely different directions, they both have one thing in common: attention to detail. Both builds are incredibly elaborate and there are enough details in each individual build to fill every page of Super Street on any given month. As far as engine choice goes, it's all left in the eye of the beholder. Personal preference is what drives every build and it is no different for engine selection. The K-series may have the newer technological benefits and power from the factory, but the B-series is tried and true and remains a prime candidate for any enthusiast looking for a swap, especially those with a smaller budget. In the battle of K versus B, we would have to call it a draw in favor of all die-hard Honda heads. As long as we continue to see builds the caliber of both Anh Truong's and Ryan Der's, the Honda community will continue to be at the forefront of the industry for years to come.

Sstp_1007_22_o+2000_acura_integra+front_view Photo 21/22   |   1999 Honda Civic DX, 2000 Acura Integra Type R - Family Feud

Tuning Menu
2000 Acura Integra Type R #0310
Owner Anh Truong
Hometown San jose, CA
Occupation Resident Services Coordinator
Power 236whp/164lb-ft tq

Engine 2003 JDM 2.0L HONDA K20A; Hybrid Racing motor mounts; Karcepts intake and IAC delete plate; 70mm BDL throttle-body; RBC intake manifold; 440cc Lucas fuel injectors; Hybrid Racing fuel rail; K-Tuned liquid-filled fuel pressure gauge; Trick Flow inline fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator; TODA Racing single coil racing valve springs and N2 Spec racing camshafts; Supertech titanium retainers; DTR exhaust header; RCrew/RedZone custom exhaust system; Griffin custom radiator with -16 AN fittings; Custom front mount slim fan; K-Tuned upper swivel neck and swivel thermostat housings; vented valve cover; Spoon Sports radiator stays; Custom black -AN radiator, fuel, brake hose fittings; B&R oil catch can w/-10 AN fittings; Custom coolant reservoir; FEEL's oil filler cap; Pivot radiator cap; ARC spark plug cover; Rywire Mil Spec engine harness, tucked accessory wire harnesses, and clutch line; ATS Fred custom throttle cable bracket, Mil/Spec harness plate; Hidden Odyssey battery and fuse box; Candy-teal coated subframe, oil catch can, valvecover, intake pipes, throttle cable bracket, hood prop and Mil/Spec plate; ATS Fred custom wrinkle black-coated HID housings and brackets, front shock top hats, brake booster, steering rack, FPR bracket and oil catch can bracket; A/C and heater, power steering and ABS delete

Sstp_1007_23_o+2000_acura_integra+engine_closeup Photo 22/22   |   1999 Honda Civic DX, 2000 Acura Integra Type R - Family Feud

Divetrain 2003 HONDA DC5R 6-speed transmission w/LSD; Competition Clutch stage 2 clutch and flywheel kit; S2000 clutch master cylinder; Hybrid Racing shifter box and shifter cable

Engine Management Hondata K-Pro tuned by RedZone Performance

Footwork & Chassis Zeal Function S6 coilovers (14K front/10K rear); Mugen front and rear strut tower bars; NEXT Miracle X bar with optional bars

Brakes Spoon Sports twin-block front brake calipers; custom brake hard lines with relocated proportioning valve; Stoptech front and rear stainless steel brake lines; Powerslot front and rear slotted brake rotors; Hawk HPS front and rear brake pads

Wheels & Tires 16x8 Dunlop CPR (+38 offset); 215/45-16 Falken Azenis; Project Kics R40 gunmetal extended lug nuts w/locks; RAYS Enginering aluminum black valve stems

Exerior Re-sprayed OEM Flamenco Black Pearl by Modern Bench Operations; JDM ITR front end conversion (OEM HID); Backyard Special front bumper; Mugen Gen II rear spoiler; Spoon Sports plastic 1st gen. side mirrors; RS rear door handle conversion; JDM window visors; shaved antenna; JDM ITR 98+ rear taillights; Rear wiper delete; ITR mudguards; SiR-G "Integra" 3rd brake light cover; Circuit Hero rear tow hook

Interior JDM ITR Recaro front seats; JDM ITR rear seats; Mugen Racing 3 steering wheel; NRG steering wheel quick-release; HKB steering short hub; Circuit Hero shift knob; custom red stitched suede shift boot; JDM ITR e-brake handle, arm rest eliminator, Personal box, radio block-off plate, center console plaque, foglight switch, window switch and clock block-off plate; CDM airbag tray; Integra RS interior door handle bezels; ITR checkered floor mats and trunk mat; Defi water temperature, oil pressure and oil temperature gauges

Thanks you My Lord & Savior Jesus Christ; My wife Eachon and baby girl; Nathan Chan; Ivan Yee; Fred Chapman aka Fred Built; 12Stones; Interlude; DPK; ATS Garage; Wek'Sos Industries; SIK Industries; RedZone Performance; ICB Motorsports; Ryan Basseri aka Rywire; MemoryFab; Hybrid Racing; Karcepts; K-Tuned; DTR; Modern Bench Operations; The Chronicles/


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