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2004 Acura TSX - Dressed Accordingly - Quickie

When Honda Didn't Offer The Accord Euro R In The States, Jason Richardson Decided To Make His Own

Sean Klingelhoefer
Jan 6, 2011
Photographer: Kyle McManus

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The Acura TSX as we know it is a fairly ordinary car that's big on practicality and low on performance. We see them driving almost every day and never give a thought to them as they blend seamlessly into the traffic jam. The same obviously can't be said of this pink-wheel-wearing-supercharged-K-series-boosting-J's Racing-armored sled. And that makes us smile.

Sstp_1102_01_o+2004_acura_tsx+front_view Photo 2/18   |   2004 Acura TSX - Dressed Accordingly - Quickie

The Honda Accord Euro R (the vehicle seen replicated here) is a popular tuning base in Japan and carries none of the stigma that its TSX brethren has stateside. Prior to the FD2 Type R, the Euro R was Honda's only performance sedan, so it should come as no surprise that there are almost endless tuning options from the land of the rising sun.

The finest Japan has to offer is present on the car, but converting the vehicle to JDM spec was a prerequisite for the car to accept some of the new goodies. On the outside, the car now sports a full JDM Euro R conversion including all lights, grilles, badges and other identifying marks. With the Accord substitutes in place the car was then massaged to perfection by the likes of J's Racing and Spoon Sports, some of Japan's most infamous Honda tuners.

The influx of J's pieces continues below the carbon hood where a J's Racing-Comptech-J's Racing sandwich occurs. The unmistakable J's carbon intake box feeds the Comptech blower, which compresses the air before sending it inside the 2.4L engine. Once the fourth cycle occurs the gases are exhausted through a Comptech header and then sent along through J's beautiful 60RS titanium exhaust. The Otto cycle has never sounded or looked so good.

While the car has obviously been tuned beyond the potential that most TSX owners are aware of the best part about the car is that it still retains the qualities the car is known for. It's perfectly-suited to a daily driving routine, albeit a little faster and more flashy than before, but safe and comfortable nonetheless. Although we don't expect to see many TSXs built up like this one we are lucky to have seen this one, and glad we were able to share it with you.

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2004 Acura TSX
Jason Richardson
Hometown Lemoyne, PA
Occupation Student

Engine 2.4L K24A2; J's Racing intake, 60RS titanium exhaust, valve cover; Comptech Supercharger, 4-2-1 header; RandomTech Hi-Flow cat; JDM Honda radiator cover, dipstick, engine decal, transmission decal, emissions decal; Spoon Kevlar spark plug cover, oil cap, radiator cap, reservoir covers; Samco radiator hoses; Custom chrome engine brackets, engine torque damper; Optima yellow top battery

Sstp_1102_14_o+2004_acura_tsx+parts Photo 15/18   |   2004 Acura TSX - Dressed Accordingly - Quickie

Engine Management Brockway Engineering R9200 race data display

Footwork & Chassis TEIN Flex Coilovers w/EDFC; Spoon upper control arms; J's Racing strut bar; Cusco Type I lower strut bar; Carbing rear floor cross bar; 4-Point trunk brace; Progress rear sway bar; Ingalls rear camber kit

Brakes Spoon front brake calipers, stainless brake lines; Racing Brake 2-piece slotted front rotors, rear slotted rotors; Hawk pads

Sstp_1102_16_o+2004_acura_tsx+exhaust Photo 16/18   |   2004 Acura TSX - Dressed Accordingly - Quickie

Wheels & Tires Custom powder coated 18X8" +38 Volk CE28N wheels; 215/40R18 Dunlop tires; Ichiba 20mm front /25mm rear spacers; 5Zigen blue lugnuts

Exterior J's Racing vented carbon-fiber hood, vent cover, front tow hook, carbon-fiber rear diffuser, mini ramps; Spoon sport lip spoiler; JDM Euro R lip kit, grill, trim, badges, JDM fog lights w/ covers, headlights, taillights, fuel door decal, bumper support; Mugen license plate bolts; Nokya yellow H11 bulbs

Interior Full black interior conversion; JDM Euro R Recaro Sportline seats, wrapped rear seat, wrapped arm rest; JDM pedals, door sills, floor mats, SRS decal; Personal Pole Position steering wheel; Works Bell quick-release, short hub, hub lock; Spoon titanium shift knob; Takata harnesses w/pads; NRG harness bar; Stewart Warner voltage and oil pressure gauges

Sstp_1102_15_o+2004_acura_tsx+spoon_sports Photo 17/18   |   2004 Acura TSX - Dressed Accordingly - Quickie

Ice Custon XOvision LCD install, mini PS2 install, XM radio install; Memphis MClass 6.5" Synchronous component speakers, 12" SClass subwoofers in custom fiberglass enclosures, Big Belle amplifier; Stinger expert terminals


Sstp_1102_17_o+2004_acura_tsx+euror Photo 18/18   |   2004 Acura TSX - Dressed Accordingly - Quickie
By Sean Klingelhoefer
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