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2007 M7 Super Street Rocket Honda Civic Type R FD2 - The Super Street Rocket!

Please Allow M7 Japan to make a Formal Introduction

Sean Klingelhoefer
Mar 9, 2011

Over the course of the last year I keep hearing more and more about a new tuning company from Japan called M7. Already gaining speed in the US market with their trick aftermarket parts and clean chrome and green color scheme I wanted to do some further investigation while in Japan. During a quick trip to their rather large facilities (in Japanese terms) I spotted this FD2, dubbed the Super Street Rocket (no affiliation to Super Street, I swear) that was too good to pass up.

Sstp 1105 01 o+2007 m7 honda civic type r fd2+left side view Photo 2/12   |   2007 M7 Super Street Rocket Honda Civic Type R FD2 - The Super Street Rocket!

While on the outside it might not look much more than a stickered up Type R, M7 has packed on the performance where it really counts. Digging below the surface reveals a tuning motto that originally drew me in to the Honda scene, clean aesthetics with only performance items upgraded. Underneath the hood is a sick looking carbon intake and billet oil catch tank, but aside from a few other minor bits it looks mostly factory. However, beneath the valve cover lies a set of M7 cams, packing a punch to the tune of 237whp when tuned by the M7 EM-CON computer.

Sstp 1105 02 o+2007 m7 honda civic type r fd2+rear view Photo 3/12   |   2007 M7 Super Street Rocket Honda Civic Type R FD2 - The Super Street Rocket!
2018 Honda Civic
$18,940 Base Model (MSRP) 28/40 MPG Fuel Economy

Inside the cabin the already great Type R has only been improved where it needed to be. The factory Recaro driver’s seat has been tossed aside for some help from the holding monster taking shape as a M7 N.Taniguchi edition Bride Zeta III. On either side of the factory cluster are 60mm M7 Japan meters keeping an eye on temps and pressures to ensure nothing goes wrong when this super street rocket tears up the Joban Expressway, screaming full on out of the T-Titan titanium exhaust.

While some might say the tuning menu is simple it can be argued that it has been left this way for good reason. The Type R is a difficult car to improve upon and the modifications have done an excellent job of gaining performance without sacrificing daily drive-ability. In the words of M7 In Type R, there is a soul M7. We’re not sure exactly what that means, but we are sure that we would definitely rock the Super Street Rocket!

Tuning Menu
2007 M7 Super Street Rocket Honda Civic Type R FD2
M7 Japan Hometown chiba, Japan
Occupation Making hot new tuning parts and building Super GT racecars

Power 237hp @ 8240RPM, 151lb-ft @ 8240RPM

Engine 2.0L normally-aspirated K20A; M7 Japan Super Street camshaft Type-O, oil cooler kit, GT Performance oil filter, GT oil cap, Super Cooling radiator cap, Super Cooling coolant, Super Cooling oil catch tank, tuned up platinum spark plug ISO-07, Super Street GT oil 10w-40, carbon induction kit, T-Titan Sports muffler

Drivetrain M7 Japan Super Single clutch, Super Gear Oil 75w-90

Engine management M7 Japan EM-CON computer

Footwork & chassis M7 Japan Super Street Performance dampers

Brakes M7 Japan 700 C brake pad, brake fluid B5

Wheels & tires Bronze18X8" +45 Blitz BRW Profile 08 wheels; 225/45R18 Bridgestone Potenza RE070 tires

Exterior M7 Japan vinyl decals

Interior M7 Japan fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temp and water temp gauges, M7 Racing by N. Taniguchi version Bride bucket seat


By Sean Klingelhoefer
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