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2006 VW GTI - Euro Flavor

It doesn’t take a genius to realize why this VW GTI is one of the most loved Euros in the world.

Sep 13, 2011

I had the distinct pleasure of selecting a car that showcased the best stance in the Euro scene. Coming from eurotuner, I thought this would be easy-peasy but since nearly every feature car sported flush wheels and a sick drop, I spent nights tossing and turning in bed thinking about which one to choose. Ultimately, the boys from across the Atlantic do it best and Chris Peacock’s VW GTI is one of the most famous examples.

Sstp 1110 01 2006 vw gti+cover Photo 2/11   |   2006 VW GTI - Euro Flavor

To give a little history behind Chris, he’s been a VW lifer ever since he could say ‘gaga’. Growing up around Scotland and the UK, he spent every holiday and weekend at his best friend’s uncle’s garage soaking up all the knowledge he could. Once he turned 16, he picked up a Golf and never looked back.

Since then, the Scotsman has built a Golf, Scirocco and this GTI. With years of experience and creative juices in his veins, he borrowed the aggressive style off VW Germany’s W12 GTI widebody concept. But inevitably, the road to stardom started with his wheels — timeless BBS RS.

Sstp 1110 02 2006 vw gti+rear view Photo 3/11   |   2006 VW GTI - Euro Flavor

Although a played-out wheel in both the Euro and JDM scenes, the 18" version was a rare sight in Europe. With aggressive offsets and 9.5" widths, the rims extended beyond the stock fenders. “So I built the arches around the wheels essentially. This meant extending the front and rear two-inches, which also meant modifying the front wings and both bumpers,” he told us.

Good friend Rob Keets was in charge of the bodywork. He added a few tricks including a US-spec R32 rear bumper, plus shaved the trunk and rub strips.

As for that one-of-a-kind paint, it’s a mixture of greens from Hummer and Lamborghini. Chris didn’t like either colors separately but when blended together, the result was nothing but money.

Sstp 1110 03 2006 vw gti+engine Photo 4/11   |   2006 VW GTI - Euro Flavor

Next came stance and you can already guess he’s floating on air using Bagyard components from Austria. “Stance is the most important thing on any car. A bag of shit can look good with the right wheel fitment and ride height,” he joked.

The rest of the mods featured some hardcore Euro styling that were a bit more on Robin Leach’s rich and famous side compared to what we typically see in Super Street. Step inside the cockpit and notice a reupholstered interior with a mixture of leather and alcantara. The roll-cage was-custom built and the carbon seats were taken from a Porsche Carrera GT— ballin’!

Sstp 1110 04 2006 vw gti+seats Photo 5/11   |   2006 VW GTI - Euro Flavor

But at the end of the day, Chris’ GTI has a very simple formula that represents today’s Euro scene. The car is crazy, but not too crazy to drive around town or on eight-hour road trips. And the stance is flawless thanks to subtle bodywork, slammed suspension and the right set of wheels.

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2006 VW GTI
Owner Chris Peacock
Location Scotland
Occupation business owner
Engine 2.0 liter 16v four-cylinder FSI turbo; Milltek R32 exhaust with deleted cats; polished Neuspeed intake and engine mounts; chromed hood hinges, bolts, nuts and washers; braided fuel hoses; color-matched engine cover with carbon insert; front-mount intercooler; Forge Motorsport coolant hoses
Drivetrain six-speed manual
Engine Management MoTeC remap
Footwork & Chassis Bagyard Supreme air-ride kit; hidden management; painted air tank
Wheels & Tires 18x9.5" BBS RS290 wheels (+18 offset) with chrome bolts; polished lips and caps; color-matched centers; 225/30 R18 Dunlop tires
Exterior smoothed and extended US-spec R32 rear bumper with carbon insert; shaved trunk with hidden unlock button; smoothed and extended front bumper; US-spec foglight and debadged front grilles; fenders extended 2" all-around; shaved and filled bumper notches, bumper strips, rear wiper and badges; custom Hummer Sage and Lamborghini Spiker green paint mixture
Interior Porsche Carrera GT seats with carbon backs, upholstery done in black nappa leather and alcantara with white stitching; Recaro sliders; OMP harnesses with carbon guide inserts; roof, A-, B- and C-pillars upholstered in alcantara; dash upholstered in black nappa leather with white stitching; doors upholstered in black nappa leather with alcantara inserts; rear trunk carpets trimmed in black nappa leather; carbon parcel shelf support, arm rest, shifter surround and console inserts; color-matched rollcage; smoothed and painted trunk floor; MOMO 300mm steering wheel retrimmed in black nappa leather
Thanks You Rob Keets, Jamie Peacock and the Mrs. for putting up with my car habit.

Want more Euro? If you’re hungry for more Euro flavor, check out our sister mag eurotuner. You can subscribe or check out past feature cars at

Sam Du
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