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1992 Honda Civic Si - JT Money

Gettin’ low with one of Texas’ sickest EGs.

Jan 5, 2012
Sstp 1201 01+1992 honda civic si+cover Photo 1/9   |   1992 Honda Civic Si - JT Money

Some of you are going to hate it; some of you are going to love it. We can’t please everyone but with its popularity, we can’t deny it’s becoming a major part of our scene. What are we talking about? Stance! In the October ’11 issue we dedicated our entire magazine to the craze. Sure the crazy low and wide stance kills the handling of a car and makes it a pain in the ass to drive everyday, but it simply looks badass. So to keep the kids happy, we’ll be dishing out this new two-page quickie feature every month showcasing some of the hottest stanced rides in the nation. Kicking off the new segment, we have JT Teng’s Civic, fresh from the Wekfest show (elsewhere in this issue).

Not every car in this section is going to be perfect, which is the beauty of the trend. You just need the appropriate suspension, wheels and tires to make your car sit right and JT understands this well. Although his car is far from finished, he’s got the fundamentals down.

2018 Honda Civic
$18,940 Base Model (MSRP) 28/40 MPG Fuel Economy

The 21 year-old hasn’t owned too many project cars, starting out with a CR-X Si in high school. Then he moved onto an EJ coupe. “But on the day I bought it, I went to a movie and it got stolen. I literally owned it for about four hours,” he remembers.

With shitty luck, JT was ready to say goodbye to Hondas altogether, but this EG came into the picture. Previously owned by his next-door neighbor, he decided to buy the hatch and give Hondas one more shot.

Sstp 1201 02+1992 honda civic si+side view Photo 2/9   |   1992 Honda Civic Si - JT Money

Two and half years later, he’s gone from a bone-stock ride to one of the sickest EGs in Texas—and it’s only halfway done with a built motor and turbo in the works. The stance department consists of Tanabe coils and a rear camber kit to get the back-end proper. New bushings were replaced throughout the chassis to ensure the best possible ride quality.

For wheels, JT went with BBS RS—nothing amazingly innovative but the owner made the rims more of his own by murdering them out. The silver faces were painted flat black and the lips were treated to gloss black. New 14K gold bolts were sourced to add some class and contrast.

The rest of the exterior is as basic as it gets. To look like new, the entire car was resprayed OE black and a more aggressive carbon lip and rear wing were thrown on.

As for under the hood, JT’s car sports your familiar B16 swap with some reasonable bolt-ons to improve power. The rest of the bay was tidied up to look minimalist. The engine harness was stretched out and hidden away from view while the battery was relocated. Just before Wekfest, JT spent late nights shaving and cleaning the bay as best as he could, sanding down rough edges and fitting new plugs and fasteners to look brand-new.

Sstp 1201 03+1992 honda civic si+trailor Photo 3/9   |   How long does it take to get a stanced car on and off a trailer? Visit to find out.

Built on a budget, JT is well on his way to building a pretty sweet Civic. And although it might not be the fastest or have the coolest JDM parts, it stopped us in our tracks at Wekfest, all thanks to its wheels and stance.

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1992 Honda Civic Si
Owner Jt Teng
Hometown Alvin, TX
Occupation Pipe Liner
Engine B16 with Skunk2 intake manifold and polished spark plug cover; Golden Eagle cam gears; STR Power throttle body and Competition fuel rail; XRP fuel rail fittings; Edelbrok inline fuel filter; shaved JDM B16 valve cover; SRS exhaust; Shade Tree Engineering tucked engine harness and copper brake line relocation; Mishimoto radiator
Drivetrain five-speed manual with Skunk2 short shifter
Engine Management Chipped P28
Footwork & Chassis Tanabe Sustec Pro Series coilovers; Skunk2 rear camber kit; Megan Racing lower tie bar
Wheels & Tires 16x8.5" BBS RS wheels with 14K gold rivets, flat black faces and gloss black lips; 205/45R16 Maxxis MAV1 tires
Exterior BYS carbon-fiber front lip and rear wing; JDM clear corner lenses; rear wiper plug delete; custom third brake light
Interior Shade Tree battery trunk relocation kit; Si interior swap; JDM center console and armrest; Skunk2 shift knob
Thanks You God, my Daddy for being my loving father (passed on August 18, 2011), my family and friends, Andy Soun at Shade Tree Engineering/Sphere Motorsports LLC/Alara Garage (his dad passed away October 12, 2011), Sydney Schmitz, Alamo Custom Paint and Body, Hub Cap Depo, Johnny Pin at One Stop Alignment, all my boys from the 574 block putting Rosharon, TX on the map, Team 5 Star and Wekfest for giving us one helluva show

Sam Du
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