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2004 Scion xB - You Know Ma Steez

Michael Ma blends all his favorite styles into this Scion xB.

Dec 20, 2011

If you have a closed-mind, this Scion probably isn’t your cup of tea. But for those who can appreciate different styles and think outside the box, you’ll enjoy what Michael Ma has accomplished. His ’04 Scion xB sports a little bit of everything (JDM parts, supercharged, stance, retro colors) making it one of the most interesting show cars we came across last year.

Sstp 1201 01+2004 scion xb+cover Photo 2/14   |   2004 Scion xB - You Know Ma Steez

Mike’s enthusiasm for cars evolved from wrenching around his uncle’s shop at the age of nine, to building his own projects such as an SC300 with a 1J swap and an xD that landed on the pages of our sis’ mag Import Tuner.

Now 30, he’s a full-time chef at the family restaurant but also runs a side business called M2-Motoring that specializes in building demo cars for companies like Nissan, Ford and Scion.

But back to this xB… Mike has spent the last seven years transforming this box, however this current look is the one he always envisioned.

The livery pays homage to Gulf Oil. If you’re unfamiliar with the colors, the blue and orange gained international stardom in the ‘60s when Gulf Oil sponsored Ford GT40s and Porsche 917s that dominated the Le Mans 24 Hours. Even today, the livery remains popular on Aston Martin and other race teams. But we had to ask… Why a Scion? “I have always been into retro-style cars,” he explained. “This particularly was one of my favorites aside from Martini Racing. After I did it, it got hated on plenty on the Internet. People were calling it ‘sacrilegious’, but I did it! I don’t really care cause I built this car for me.”

Aside from paint, the exterior sported a Kenstyle body kit and genuine DAMD fender flares from Japan. The unique steez continued to the sick 15" Work Equip wheels. For the best stance, Falken tires were stretched to hell, then taking it a step further were rear camber plates and Air Runner suspension.

From there, the interior received some gauges, a steering wheel and a pair of Bride Digo seats. Oink Fabrications spent a couple days to construct a one-off rollcage.

We can’t forget about the engine either. Mike filled most of the holes in the bay, relocated the battery and tucked some wires. As for power upgrades, well, the car comes with enough juice to back out of a driveway. Knowing this, Mike installed the usual bolt-ons mostly for looks and sound. There’s also a GReddy blower but Mike warned us not to get too excited. “The stock xB dynos about 90hp so the supercharger with all the bolt-ons gained about 20 to 30hp,” he laughed.

Yes, it’s still a slow Scion but this car was built for show. Mike has a nice theme going with the retro feel mixed with modern parts. It may not give everyone a boner but it’s something fresh and different from the norm.

Tuning Menu
2004 Scion xB
Owner Michael Ma
Hometown Rosemead, CA
Occupation CEO of M2-Motoring and chef
Power Wait for it… 120hp!
Engine 1.5 liter inline-four with GReddy supercharger kit; K&N intake; DC Sports header and exhaust; Mishimoto radiator, oil cooler and silicone hoses; battery relocation by B3Tuning; painted Battleship grey; shaved holes and tucked wires
Drivetrain Five-speed manual
Engine Management GReddy E-manage
Footwork & Chassis Air Runner air-ride system; Real Camber camber shims; Air Zenith air compressor; Cusco front sway bar; DC Sports strut tower bar
Wheels & Tires 15x8.5" front, 15x9.5" rear Work Equip 01 wheels with custom anodized metal barrel finish; 205/50R15 front and 225/50R15 rear Falken ZIEX ZE-512 tires
Exterior Kenstyle body kit; DAMD Lover Soul fender flares; painted Gulf livery
Interior Bride Digo seats; Oink Fabrications custom four-point rollcage; interior reupholstered in leather; silver-knit floor carpeting; NRG steering wheel, quick-release adapter and short hub; Linear Logic Scangauge OBD2 scanner; Dynojet digital wideband; Defi gauges with ATI ePod holder; Jensen Audio double-din head unit, 6.5" component speakers, 4" coaxial speakers and four-channel amp
Thanks You My mom and family, Steve and the staff at M2-Motoring, DC Sports, Mishimoto, JRX Rotary, B3 Tuning, Jensen, Oink Fabrications, Compustar, Status Motorsports, Mothers, Autofashion, Falken Tires, Rhino Rack, Air Runner

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