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Royal Montegobay Porsche 911 993 - Sekund Entwicklung

Nakai’s 993 is a Street Sweeper of a Different Dimension.

Sean Klingelhoefer
Dec 27, 2011

I believe RAUH-Welt Begriff, or RWB for short, is a company that probably doesn’t need any introduction. You may remember two of their creations we featured back in our August issue. Over the last few years RWB has elevated from a small body shop in Chiba that nobody had ever heard of to one of the most liked tuners on the Internet. The key to owner Akira Nakai’s success is the broad appeal of his aggressively styled Porsches.

Sstp 1201 01+royal montegobay porsche 911 993+cover Photo 2/10   |   Royal Montegobay Porsche 911 993 - Sekund Entwicklung

The amusing part is that Nakai couldn’t care less if you like his cars; he builds them purely for the satisfaction of pleasing himself and his customers. This car for example, is his newest personal project, which he drives on both the street and circuit. The most amazing part about the car, aside from the way it looks, is that despite its ride height and demeanor, it’s still a completely functional car. This is one aspect that Akira insists on, something which can be driven to and from the racetrack and driven hard while its there.

A few of you might be asking why we are featuring a Porsche in this book, but if you’ll take a good look at this nine-eleven you’ll realize that this car is about as JDM as they come. From the Aragosta suspension to the SSR wheels to the hand-made-in-Japan body kit, this car is the perfect fusion of German and Japanese flavors. Not that we should need to justify running a car this breathtaking, all it takes is five minutes in the presence of this 993 and it owns you.

Sstp 1201 02+royal montegobay porsche 911 993+side view Photo 3/10   |   Royal Montegobay Porsche 911 993 - Sekund Entwicklung

No matter what kind of car you currently drive, after seeing this impossibly wide Porsche with it’s fenders slammed mere millimeters off its Kumho-wrapped SSR Professors you’ll want to do anything in your power to own one for yourself. The thing just looks insane. When viewed from behind the car is literally wider than it is tall, giving it a very distinct silhouette. Add to that the silver paint and it starts to look more like a low-flying saucer than a car. Hearing the car fire up and watching it carve its way through the narrow back roads of Japan is enough to cement it into your memory forever. It’s something I still think of now, how the rock hard suspension bounced the car over manhole covers and the way it had to put two-wheels off the road to let a passing car by the bulging rear fenders.

Even after seeing it, it’s hard to believe this car is real. There’s just something about it, something that draws every person in its presence, young or old, into it. It’s this inexplicable magic that Nakai puts into every one of his pieces that keep customers coming back. The popularity of his work is finally reaching outside of Japan and Nakai has recently completed the first RWB UK and RWB Thailand 911s. Fortunately for Americans, by the time you’re reading this RWB USA will officially be up and running in San Mateo California, thanks in part to Mark Arcenal of Fatlace fame.

Sstp 1201 03+royal montegobay porsche 911 993+akira nakai Photo 4/10   |   Royal Montegobay Porsche 911 993 - Sekund Entwicklung

In fact at the time of writing Nakai is nearing completion of the first three RWB USA cars, just in time for SEMA. We don’t know all the details yet but we can guarantee that anything RWB made will be mind blowing at the very least. We’re sure they’re going to cause quite a stir at the show and can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with. It will be exciting to see what happens when you mix a little Japanese magic into sin city.

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Royal Montegobay Porsche 911 993
Owner Akira Nakai
Hometown Chiba, Japan
Occupation mastermind/owner at rwb Japan
Footwork & Chassis RWB Spec Aragosta coilover kit; rollcage
Brakes StopTech front calipers and rotors
Wheels & Tires 18X10.5/12" flat-black SSR Professor SP1 wheels; rear spacers; 265/35R18 (front) 335/30R18 (rear) Kumho Ecsta V70A tires
Exterior RWB 993 Widebody kit (front bumper, rear bumper, wide front fenders, wide rear fenders), Hakama big side rockers, champion wing, canards; front tow hook
Interior MOMO steering wheel; 996 shift knob; Recaro SP-GT2 driver seat, Pole Position passenger seat; Takata harnesses; fire extinguisher
WWW; (SSR);;;

By Sean Klingelhoefer
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