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2011 Ford Focus SE - New Kid On The Block

iD Agency and pro fixed gear rider Michael Chacon build a Ford Focus. Say what?!

Mar 28, 2012
Sstp 1204 01+2011 ford focus se+cover Photo 1/14   |   2011 Ford Focus SE - New Kid On The Block

Hold up, hold up, hold up… Before you hit the send button on that nasty e-mail about a Ford in Super Street, let us explain. To many of us, the American carmaker has a negative connotation—big nasty trucks, annoying Mustangs and crappy rental cars. But almost everywhere else around the world, Ford has a pretty damn good reputation with cars like the Focus and Fiesta. In Europe and Australia, Ford’s performance isn’t watered down with the models you would see here. They even have some pretty cool cars such as the all-wheel drive 300hp turbocharged Focus RS. Their reputation i+s even better in motorsport, having been a success in rally racing for decades. So with that in mind, the blue oval isn’t as bad as you think and they’re making a stronger push to enthusiasts like us with the new Focus.

Sstp 1204 02+2011 ford focus se+engine Photo 2/14   |   2011 Ford Focus SE - New Kid On The Block

Designed and engineered in Europe, the latest Focus isn’t a monster but offers an affordable, sporty, everyday package in sedan and hatchback form. The ’11 model is powered by a 160hp two-liter inline-four that gets 40mpg and features some of Ford’s newest technology such as the Sync entertainment center, iTunes tagging, Wi-Fi and more. It’s also got a sturdy chassis that handles and its design looks heaps better than the previous gen model—in fact, if it didn’t have the Ford emblem, you would probably give it a thumbs up.

2018 Ford Focus
$17,950 Base Model (MSRP) 25/34 MPG Fuel Economy

With a decent spec list along with a reasonable price, it’s hard to knock a car like the Focus. Sure it’s no replacement for the rides we’re accustomed to, but we have to give it up to Ford for trying. And with Ford’s marketing tactics, they’ve been supporting the tuner community more so than most Japanese car manufacturers. For example: at last year’s SEMA show, seven groups were chosen to modify a new Focus and the one that caught our attention most was this example from the iD Agency.

Contrary to many SEMA projects, this show car wasn’t plastered with stickers and random free shit. The Focus had a theme as well as a solid parts list. The iD Agency worked together with professional fixed gear rider Michael Chacon to tie in an action-sports style.

Sstp 1204 06+2011 ford focus se+wheel Photo 6/14   |   2011 Ford Focus SE - New Kid On The Block

For those that don’t know Mike, he’s a young’n at only 19 years-old but he’s one of the top freestyle riders in the world since he became pro in early ’10. With iD Agency bringing the car knowledge and Mike putting in his two cents about the biking world, they came up with this sweet looking concept.

Taking center stage on the roof is Mike’s own signature Hurricane bike built by Leader. It’s built from a KVA stainless steel frame and has Michael’s own Hold Fast straps. Of course, it’s also color-matched with the car which was painted a classy shade of BASF British Racing green. We also admire the carbon roof wrap from Wraptivo along with the carbon lip kit.

The chassis sports the best parts available—HRE wheels, Brembo big brakes and KW coilovers to give the Focus a healthy stance.

Inside the Focus, the seats take the cake thanks to Recaro Sportster CS’ that have been rewrapped in tan leather with custom stitching. Notice the rear is reupholstered to match. Sick!

Sstp 1204 07+2011 ford focus se+grille Photo 10/14   |   2011 Ford Focus SE - New Kid On The Block

While the performance end of things isn’t anything spectacular with an intake and exhaust, this project has given Ford new light. It’s a sharp-looking hatch that teenagers like Michael and adults like us wouldn’t mind driving. And with the sportier, 2.0-liter turbo 250hp Focus ST due to hit this fall, we suspect more of you will feel the same. But if you can’t dig it, you know how to e-mail us.

Sstp 1204 11+2011 ford focus se+roof Photo 11/14   |   2011 Ford Focus SE - New Kid On The Block

Tuning Menu
2011 Ford Focus SE
Owner the iD agency
Hometown Los Angeles, CA
Occupation Media Relations
Engine 2.0 liter Ti-VCT direct-injection inline-four with MagnaFlow cat-back exhaust; AEM cold-air intake
Drivetrain 5-speed manuual transmission
Footwork & Chassis KW Variant 2 coilovers
Brakes Brembo big brake kit
Wheels & Tires 19x8.5" HRE C90 wheels; 225/40R19 Toyo Proxes T1 Sport tires; Muteki lug nuts
Exterior Downforce carbon-fiber lip kit; VLED custom LED headlights; Megiuar’s Wraptivo carbon-fiber roof wrap; BASF British Racing Green paint; Ford Licensed Accessories bike rack by Thule; custom Leader x KVA stainless fixed gear “Michael Chacon” signature edition bike
Interior Recaro Sportster CS Seats reupholstered by Top Stitch Upholstery; Kicker audio components built by BP Auto Sound; integrated iPad2
Thanks You Lucas Oil, HRE, Brembo, Leader Bike, KVA Stainless, Street Concepts, Downforce, VLEDs, BASF, KW, MagnaFlow, AEM, Toyo Tire, Kicker, BP Auto Sound, Top Stitch Upholstery, S&A Design, Incipio

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