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1999 Lexus LS400 - Jin And Juice - Stancing with the Cars

In the VIP room with Jin Ueno, owner of Kyoei USA and this LS400.

May 30, 2012
Photographer: Sean Klingelhoefer
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We can’t knock the VIP scene. Big wheels, low stance, lush interiors, cup holders with hundred dollar liquor bottles—it’s like putting a Las Vegas nightclub into a car. (Someone say Vegas? –Ed) The style is all about luxury and it draws a different breed of enthusiasts. These guys aren’t obsessed with dyno numbers or lap times. Their obsession and expertise is more of an art. Instead of raw power, it’s all about raw sex appeal. And a car that gets the panties dropping is Jin Ueno’s ’99 Lexus LS400.

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While Jin is a very calm and understated guy, his work speaks a thousand words. He was born and raised in Japan, which explains the car’s strong similarity to the Japanese VIP scene. When he moved to the states, he continued what he loved by building luxury sedans and giving the people a place for anything VIP. He started Kyoei USA in Arizona. However, with a rather infant scene, he needed a way to promote his business and the VIP scene—hence this sick sedan was born.

The LS’ drop-dead gorgeous looks are achieved thanks to aggressive aero parts from Aimgain Japan, air suspension and Weds twenties. To get the front end lower, there are camber adapters from Nagisa Auto that allow a few more degrees of negative camber to drop an extra inch. Something that’s easily overlooked on the Lexus is the red pinstriping, which was inspired by the American hot rod culture. There are also dual triple exhaust tips powdercoated candy red; on paper it sounds offensive, but looking at the car in person, the tips flow graciously with the overall theme.

The interior is just as breathtaking. From head to toe, everything is Boobs McGee, such as the headliner, suede trim, diamond-stitched dash and white curtains. The hardwood floor mats and trunk also put this interior on another level.

Jin’s car is just the start as we see more VIP rides popping up at local events across the nation. It’s a good example that modifying cars isn’t all about going fast or winning car shows. In the VIP scene, it’s all about comfort, class and being a downright baller.

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1999 Lexus LS400
Owner Jin Ueno
Location Tempe, AZ
Occupation Owner of Kyoei USA
Engine 4.0-liter V8 engine with custom cat-back exhaust and tips powdercoated candy red by Vyne Powder Coating
Drivetrain Five-speed automatic
Footwork & Chassis Air Runner air suspension system; Nagisa Auto front camber adapter
Wheels & Tires 20x9" front, 20x10" rear Weds Maverick 315F wheels; 225/30R20 front, 245/30R20 rear Falken FK-452 tires; 1mm Kyoei Original front spacers
Exterior Aimgain Jun VIP body kit with roof spoiler and grille; shaved trunk; LS460 fog lights; Toyota Celsior window visor and Crown Majesta fender marker light; Japanese pin striping by Po’Boy Kustom; 8000k HIDs; LED third brake light
Interior Custom headliner with fish skin texture; interior trim upholstered with black pebble suede; Kyoei Original neck pads; diamond-stitched dash cover and rear tray cover by All American Upholstery; Luxre 1 LED dome, interior and climate control lights; K.Break front table; crystal shift knob; Bellezza white curtains; Junction Produce white fusa; rear armrest cover; wood floor and trunk mats; rear wood table; Panasonic head unit with Beat Sonic wood grain trim and translator
Thanks You Kyoei crew, Kyoei Auto Service in Japan, Air Runner, Aimgain, Beat-Sonic, Luxre 1, Weds Wheels, All American Upholstery, Po’Boy, Classic Gold Auto Centre, Vyne Powder Coating, Cars x Hype, Xsell Media,, Tunerzine

Sstp 1206 05+1999 lexus ls400+trunk Photo 9/9   |   1999 Lexus LS400 - Jin And Juice - Stancing with the Cars
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