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Subaru BRZ - Tetsu's Tales

Subaru’s high performance and development in the Samber helped to develop the BRZ.

Evan Griffey
Jun 13, 2012
Writer: Tetsuya Ogushi
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Subaru BRZ came out in the Japanese car market and most of the magazines are making stories about it now. Many race car drivers and editors test drove the BRZ and have many positive words about it. Many tuning companies are developing parts and we will soon see many tuned BRZs at race tracks and TAS 2013. People who love Subaru cars are called ‘Subarist’. Subarists expect BRZ to be the future but some feel sad that part of Subaru’s history is ending; Subaru stopped producing Kei cars. One of Subaru’s Kei car history started in ’93, Subaru Vivio RX-R took part in WRC Safari Rally and finished 12th with just 660cc engine with supercharger and made it exciting for European rally fans. Subaru Samber is a Kei truck and van, and is more popular than Subaru Vivio because it have supercharged 4-cylinder engine with RWD (RR) layout. Subaru Samber’s RR system is same as Porsche, that’s why some people call it the “country Porsche” or the “farmer’s Porsche”. Many farmers in the countryside have Kei van or truck in Japan. Of course, Subaru Samber is slower than Porsche but 660cc supercharged engine that make 58ps and 7.5kgm is enough power for public streets. One of Japanese car magazine editor gave test drive day for Porsche owner’s club members; they laugh at Samber before driving it and thought they would finish after 10 minutes—but they didn’t. The editors started to worry and thought they made traffic accident. Thirty minutes later, they came back and they got so excited for driving the Samber. They were touched by its performance and said this is a Kei car “Porsche”. It is so hard to buy or drive a Kei car in the US but there are many Japanese companies trying because you can’t put high performance into a small box. Subaru’s high performance and development in the Samber helped to develop the BRZ.

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By Evan Griffey
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