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Silhouette Formula Cars - Tetsu's Tales

Bosozoku style is just one part of Japanese car life and proves that Silhouette Formula racing was very popular.

Evan Griffey
Jul 13, 2012
Writer: Tetsuya Ogushi
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Super Street likes bosozoku style cars, and in Japanese, the kanji characters mean: bo (riot) so (run) zoku (group). These are very low cars with wide fenders, long front bumper and big rear wing—in fact, this style is from Japanese racing in the ‘80s. Super Silhouette racing was very popular for young car guys and this race series was following FIA’s Group 5 touring car regulations. Group 5 race cars look like touring cars but they are tube chassis and looks like you put touring car’s body on Formula cars. Group 5 race cars are called Silhouette Formula cars. I think the future of Silhouette Formula cars is like the present Super GT racing style. Silhouette Formula car had 570ps turbo motor and lightweight body; they made fire from the muffler when the drivers heel/toed and made the racing exciting. Nissan Skyline R30, Silvia S110/S12, Bluebird 910, Mazda RX-7 and BMW M1 took part in Super Silhouette race at Fuji Speedway and Tsukuba Circuit. There were traffic jams on the expressway because so many people wanted to see the race. Many people wanted these cars but it was hard because 570ps was difficult to make during that time. Since Skylines and Silvias were still expensive, they chose older Kenmeri Skylines, Nissan Cedric sedan, Fairlady Z S30 or Toyota Mark II (Cressida) instead. They had the look of Silhouette car but tuning parts were still expensive. They cut suspension, removed muffler and catalyzer for making race car’s sound. Big body with stock engine were slow and this replica style is called Kaido-racer. Kaido means “highway” in Japanese. Japanese police think street racing and drifting on the street is kind of bosozoku style. Bosozoku makes bad image for our people, so some people who like tuning cars don’t like bosozoku style (Don’t tell Yamz that.—JW). But, in the ‘80s, bosozoku style is just one part of Japanese car life and proves that Silhouette Formula racing was very popular.

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By Evan Griffey
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